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    Saturday, May 2, 2020

    A Day in Auditorium, Where seniors Dumbstruck : CHAPTER 15

    "Every human will have to earn his desires, Nobody is getting freebies in this play of life". And Abhi was not an exception for this and his struggles to know Sanem were so desperate. 

    He asked Aroovi and Aditi about Sanem. But to his misfortune, even her friends knew very little about the mystic girl. All they said that she was brought up by a single mother and was grown very strictly that boys were never a part of Sanem's thoughts. Abhi was not pleased by this and obliged them to tell anything if they come to know about her. 

    Abhi then effortlessly pulled out his mobile and dialed his school friend. After a brief hello, Abhi asked his friend to obtain the complete information about Sanem. Abhi's friend promised that he would get back with the information ASAP. 

    Next day, a workshop was conducted by the "Urban Research Centre" in the college. Abhi was the head of volunteers and was supposed to look after the event. He was standing at the stage and was directing other volunteer about the work but his eyes were in a deep search for the mystic girl. 

    Abhi felt so disappointed that the whole auditorium was filled with the students but there was no sign of Sanem even near her friends. He signalled her friend Aroovi about Sanem but she didn't know where she was!

    Then the programme started and every event went smoothly. It was at last that the Chief Guest asked if any student would like to come on to stage and speak about the event briefly? There was no hustle in the crowd and even the final year students were trying to hide their faces. The Director of the College felt embarrassed and badly wanted some head to take the mic. 

    Then came Sanem from the backstage. 

    Abhi couldn't believe his own ears when he heard Sanem from the stage and rushed to see if she was there. To his surprise, it was the first year girl, Sanem for whom he was searching since long, has now became the saviour of the Institute's reputation. 

    She spoke so conceptually that even the chief guest was astonished and appreciated the Director for students like this. He appreciated Sanem for her words and asked everyone to learn the way of public speaking from her. The director was so impressed and delighted for Sanem that being a junior she saved the respect of the college whereas the seniors were standing there dumbstruck. 

    Abhi went with a lot of joy and happiness to Congratulate her but she rushed with the same ignorance, which now made Abhi more restless. 

    Abhi was now in a very absurd situation and was so determined to do something. 

    After all he was another puppet in the hands of divine struggling to find her attention. 

    That night, Sanem was working in the study light and was at the edge of finishing her project that would fetch her a scholarship. She even thought of buying a scooter for Ritu so that she will not have to struggle with  the local buses daily. 

    But, "Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things that you never asked for and don't always like” ...
    When Sanem was planning a way of her living, fate has other plans for her. 

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      2. Hello sanem,... This story is going much interestingly.. Waiting for the next chapter.. ...

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    3. Story quiet going interestingly, waiting for next chapter

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    7. Nice story..looking forward...

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    9. Lol...!! I remember the same thing that i had an experience of my friend in his college. The title is too good.!!


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