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    Thursday, April 2, 2020

    What Ankit Explained Ritu about his disappearence : CHAPTER 6

    Ritu said that his mother told her that he  was on treatment for 10 months.
    She also said that she found that ankit was home soon and when she went there to check, the house was locked.
    She tried contacting many times but she failed reaching them.

    Ankit in a deep low voice apologized her for what was done before and for the suffering she had gone through.

    He further added what was told by his mother was true.

    Before ritu was about to utter a word from her mouth. He said let him give some time as he was fed up with all the things happened and he will explain the things to her.

    Ritu said him to take some rest and would discuss the things later.
    Ankit went to their room to take shower. Meanwhile sharadha and ritu had discussion on ankit arrival.

    Sharadha added it was good that he came but it would be more good once he relives everything.
    Ritu though she was happy for ankit arrival, she was more interested in knowing the past.

    Ritu prepared dinner for them with sharadha's help. While she was feeding to sanem, ankit came took her into his arms, cuddeled her, kissed her and cried. 
    Papa missed all of sanem in past an year. You were growing up kid!
    Sanem cried because it was a new face for her. Ankit started consoling her by do not worry it was only her papa not any other.

    Ritu was overwhelmed by what was infront her and was unabled to believe her own eyes. 

    Her teary eyes said it well how happy she was.
    For a moment she was wishing that what was infront of her should last forever.
    Sanem didn't stopped crying so ritu took her and made her to sleep.
    She even told to ankit that slowly sanem get habtituated to him.

    Ankit said yes he hope that so and he don't wanna miss the next.
    Ritu and ankit togther had dinner. Sharadha too had dinner and went next to sanem.

    While ritu was cleaning the utensils, she was thinking whether to ask him about the issue?
    Ankit came in between and started a conversation saying sorry ritu for what was happened. It was quite an embarassing moment for both of them as they didn't had that good times in the past.

    "Butterfiles in her stomach as ankit was coming close to her.

    Goosebumps started to araise on her body when ankit holded her hand and said that they need to talk.."

    Ritu kept her work aside and moved her steps towards ankit who was standing in the balcony looking into the sky and was lost in thoughts.

    Ritu heart beat increased rapidly as every near step towards ankit.
    She made herself comfortable.

    Standing a step back to ankit, with a slow voice she called ankit...
    Oh! you were finally by his side.

    Ankit slowly took her hands into his, ritu lifted her head up  and stared into anikit eyes.

    "That moment seemed her the most beautiful yet closed acquainted.
    His eyes remembered her the stars...
    The stars she used to gaze every night thinking of him...
    The stars which she used to had a silent conversation with..
    The stars which she imagined was the peson straight away infront of her.."

    That magical moment seemed her the best romantic moment in her life.
    She wanted god to freeze that moment because she don't need anyother consequences that complicate her life.

    Ankit muddled with start of conversation, ritu just blinked her eyes and came out of her romantic self hunch.

    Ankit said that he would told her that before..
    Ritu was wondering what was it?

    Ankit took a deep breathe and told that he would have told before their mariage only.
    Listen ritu before her there was a girl named samhitha in his life whom he loved from bottom of his life.
    He build his future with her in each and every day.

    He was so happy with her and planned their marriage also.

    But what he actually thought was different from god's point of view.

    That girl whom he loved all of his heart was died in an accident.
    That actually broke him, he was in depression for about 6 months, which was a challenge facing for their family too.

    His parents made lot of efforts in getting out of his depression, they send him many natural therapist.
    He learned many things during his therapy and decided not to bother their family.

    He controlled himself, tried self healing,went out, made himself busy with new works. So, that he could deviate from his past.

    So, his family decided to get marry him that time though he was not ready inorder to not to hurt his family he said ok that ritu.

    He thought he might cope up with ritu, he tried in many ways being normal with ritu and forgets his past.

    Stay tuned and subsribe to my blog for next chapters.
    Share your views in the comment section.

    For CHAPTER 5 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/03/did-sanem-saved-chapter-5.html


    1. Woah!!! Very interesting can't wait for next episode keep writing.

      1. Will be soon updated! Kindly share with your friends

    2. Hoo my gosh...!!!

      This is unexpected ...!!! How could men be like this always. Sad to See at this situation for Ritu. Yet finally HR opened about his ex.

      From my side

      "Future is what matters. Thinking of the past never makes you a Better Person".

      See u in next chapter...


      1. Thanks for the reply! Do share with your friends. will soon get to know what gonna happen in future.

    3. Very interesting story superb👌

    4. Now it's really a tough job to carry the story forward.. Hope you do justice to the plot.. And progress it in the best way possible.. I think your writing abilities shattered a bit in this chapter.. Take care of it in the ones to come..

      1. Thanks! do go through the next chapters once they publish so that you can go with the flow...

    5. This suspense☹️ waiting for next chapter

    6. Awaiting for the next chapter... Intresting👍


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