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    Saturday, April 25, 2020

    The person that made Sanem upset : CHAPTER 13

    Sanem shocked and couldn't resist herself for staying even a minute longer and rushed from there. Riya asked her WHY DID YOU GO WITHOUT INFORMING ME? She thought something might happen. Sanem apologized to her. All the roommates were chit-chatting and having fun while Sanem didn't involve with them and was busy doing something. But, the thing was that she was not working, she made herself busy so that she could easily deviate from, "What was disturbing her?". Maaya asked Sanem to go for dinner with them, Sanem said she was not hungry as she had some heavy kachori's in the evening.

    Sanem was deeply lost in her mind. Many questions raised in her head...
    She was sad
    She was lost
    She was disturbed
    She realized the fact that even the small evocation of him was hurting her more.

    She wanted to deviate from herself. She then took a book and pen....started writing...

    I feel sad because you just gave me the worst experience..
    I feel sad because you proved yourself in failing for lifetime to me....
    I feel sad because you didn't give me the courage to say that you are alive....
    I feel sad because you left me with tears...
    I feel sad because you are not meant for me...
    I feel sad because you made me fail in believing in relationships....
    But, I feel happy and thankful because you left me the most precious, strongest, bravest woman to me....

    Her Phone rings, How are you beta? A sweet voice of Ritu made her forget the saddest emotions she was carried at that time.
    Am good, Mom, "HOW ARE YOU?"
    Am good too beta
    Sanem was thinking of saying that she saw the person who betrayed her mom has now seemed happy with a woman beside him.
    She then thought, Why to disturb her mom saying that it was Ankit and some more tension into her brain was not that good.
    Ritu asked, "Was everything OK; you seemed silent.."
    Yes, mom, everything was Ok, it just that was very much tired with college stuff.
    "Take rest and good night," said Ritu
    "Good night, mom," said Sanem...

    She prayed that everything was going to be ok! And took a nap.

    The next day in the college, after the class while all the other girls boarded the bus, it was only Sanem's bus got delayed. She was the only junior, and remaining all were seniors. Sanem's eyes were rolling around for Abhi's, what if he could catch her at that time. To her rescue, Sanem could able to take a breath that he was not around. She saw a man coming nearer to her with a hand full of papers was none other than Abhi.

    Abhi: Oh, hello! How many times did you escape from me? Now i will see who will come to rescue you.
    Sanem: With a frightened face, I will complain to the in charge
    Abhi: Laughed! Oh common! Let's see to whom are you going to complain now? There's no one around, you see.
    Sanem: "This is not fare...."
    Abhi: Ahaha! You would have expected this before when you lied me
    Sanem : I apologized for that
    Abhi: So, you think I accepted your apology? Nah Never, you fooled me infront of my friends...
    Sanem: So, what do you want me to do now?
    Abhi: See, You are on track now? Let me clear you with one thing that am not gonna leave you that easily
    Sanem: Silent for what Abhi was saying
    Abhi: Let me give you one small task - Complete this assignment by tomorrow? 
    Sanem: OK

    Sanem, on her way to the hostel, regretting "Why she lied to him?" She rebuked herself for getting involved and was more afraid of "What he's going to make her do the next time?"

    She decided to let it go, if at all it's going to be worst, she could think of further action...
    She wrote the assignment and gave it to Abhi...
    Abhi glanced at her and smiled as Thanks! But it seemed "Wait for next task" to Sanem. 

    In the evening, few people from seniors came to them and asked for individual BD, utilized their superiority in being seniors. Group ragging was not that problematic and even made fun for them. 
    While Abhi was about to leave the college, that ragging group called him, let's join Abhi. Abhi sat in between them, one person that group called Aroovi and her to say 1table as a FROG table. While Aroovi was telling the FROG table, remaining people on the back of her were laughing, and Sanem tried to hide in the back of Aditi, so, that Abhi couldn't notice her. Abhi observed Sanem was hiding and smiled at her, Abhi called Likitha to asked to perform moments of ROBO. Sanem thought she was saved as he didn't see her and wished for the bus arrival soon. In no time, Abhi called Sanem do not hide on the back of your friend, come front, everyone laughed at her. Sanem wishing for bus arrival soon so, that she could escape from Abhi, Sanem stood in front of him, he said to let him merely the task, Chalo, sing a song from Aashiqui 2, Sanem was worst at singing Hindi songs, but as there was no other option given to her, she started singing "Sun raha hai na tu" with her brittle voice, Sanem seemed so beautiful for Abhi, while everyone requested not to kill that song. It was a bit fun evening for others over there. Buses arrived. Abhi friends questioned him, generally, he don't involve in much teasing stuff but he seemed more interested in Aashiqui 2 girl. What was the matter Abhi? 

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    1. Wow seems to be interesting moreover aashiqui-2 is my most favourite

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    3. Very nice story👌.it was so interesting.waiting for the next chapter..


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