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    Tuesday, April 28, 2020

    Reason behind Abhi's interest on Sanem : CHAPTER 14

    Abhi was in a total confusion about a new junior girl messing up with his head all the time. He couldn't understand the urge in him to see her, to talk to her, to meet her.

    He understood his state only when his friend asked him what the matter was about the girl. Abhi felt quite amazed by seeing how different she was.

    His friend asked Abhi about a girl who was barely known for a month messing with his head alot. 
    But Abhi, stated a fact that she was not just a junior he met recently. But she was a junior in the school days itself. Abhi said with a smile... That Sanem never recognised her school mate that too a senior, because she used to be in her own world at school.

    Abhi saw Sanem for the first time at their School Day celebrations. Abhi and his group performed a Western dance that put the stage on fire and then later Abhi’s group headed back stage to comment on the other performers.
    The ambience was in rage with heavy sounds and marvellous music. The group felt a bit bored by all the classical stuff. Then came the moment.. 

    When Abhi heard her name for the first time.....

    Sanem of class 8 was all set for her dance performance and then one among Abhi friends hooted saying "There's nothing to comment about this dumb girl who never speaks and never had friends. We have nothing to say about this book worm. "

    Then Abhi felt a bit amazed to see a girl who was not just an introvert but never spoke to boys at all.  Abhi raised his head to see the mysterious girl and there she was... If  beauty had a form it would look like this, He thought. 
    She started dancing and within no time, gained the attention of the whole audience.

    She literally made everyone jaws drop with awe and amazement. Abhi was quite impressed to look at a princely beauty. Abhi was lovestruck by her eyes and he couldn't take his eyes off her which told many unspoken stories to him.

    And then.. The performance ended and the programme came to it's conclusion. Everyone were leaving but Abhi stayed back to find those eyes .
    He then found her and said "You really made the day with your beauty and dance...”
    Then she said a “THANK YOU..”  Not evening looking at Abhi.. Not even an eye contact...
    When he told his friends about it.. There were dumbstruck that there was finally a girl who didn't even speak to the champ of school, the most handsome lad in the campus, Abhi....

    Abhi felt quite astonished to see a girl whom he didn't manage to fall his way. Sanem became the ever mysterious beauty queen to Abhi and then finally she showed up again in his life as a junior in graduation. Actually Abhi, when gave assignment to write, he thought that Sanem wouldn't complete that
     to his wonder she did that. I thought this girl won't respond to him and the change seemed in her clearly.

    So, he was more curious about this mysterious girl. He wanted to know the deeper her. He contacted his schoolmate and enquired about Sanem, his friend told that 1000% sure that she won't change her attitude, may be it just that more ragging stories made her to do that, some or the other day she will burst.

    Day by day Abhi found her more and more interesting, as his friend said Sanem declined to write the next assignment he gave her and in return warmed him to complaint to HOD if he was on her back.

    As, Sanem was avoiding him the more, the more he was attracted to her. He always wondered "Why she never allowed any boy into her group", it was only a girl gang. He never saw Sanem speaking to her classmates boys too. He became more curious Why this girl behaves in that way? Do she abnormal or any specific reason behind her? He then meets Sanem friends Aroovi and Aditi and make friendship with them so that he could found the reason soon and also chance of getting closer to Sanem. 

    But, to his surprise he came to know that.......                  

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    For Chapter 13 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/04/the-person-that-made-sanem-upset.html                                                                                               


    1. A great story...keep it up sister

    2. Glad that Abhi is sanem's schoolmate. I would definitely get disappointed if sanem is his love at first sight 😅.. ❤️❤️

      1. Haha! Thank you! Do share with your friends

    3. Waiting for the next chapter 😍

    4. Day by Day the story was very intresting 👌 Egarly waiting for next chapter

    5. I wonder, how can you imagine and narrate such interesting stories

    6. Am very enthusiastic about the story.....the story was really amazing...

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