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    Wednesday, April 22, 2020

    How She faced seniors : CHAPTER 12

    Sanem overheard the conversation of the seniors and was frightened about what gonna happen next? She informed this to Aditi and Ruhi as Sarvi was busy paying the bill for what they ordered. Meanwhile, Sarvi said, Oh! No, they have only 15 minutes left for the next class to start. A person from the senior group came to them and asked Were they from 1st year? Everybody was like damn again with those people, soon Sanem said no, we were into 2nd year Biostatiscs and escaped from there. The person who came asked them went back to their place, and everyone from their asked Why you didn't say anything when they were leaving? That person said they were not 1st-year students. Sanjana from that group said who said that they belong to 1st Life Sciences as she saw them in the classroom while passing from that side. Abhi, in anger, said, how can they fool him? So, he decided to take revenge on Sanem as she was the girl who lied to him.

    Sarvi, after getting out of the canteen, couldn't believe What was happened and Why Sanem told that they were 2nd-year students. Ruhi and Aditi explained her the story, but Aditi said, what if they come to know the fact that Sanem lied to them......
    Sanem oh common! What was the purpose of bothering thinking about the next..let just leave it,  already getting late for the class, makes a move.

    Aditi, Ruhi, Sarvi, shocked for Sanem brave words. Even they were frightened about what happens next? They went and sat in the classroom as the class was going on Likitha and Sunisha asked them Where they were? Ruhi told them what was happened, and Sunisha was this Sanem being in the first year took a brave step to face the seniors' worst phase. After the class everyone sat on the footpath and chit-chatting, Siksha, a girl from their class of another group, came to Sanem, said, she had coffee from the canteen in B block just beside their block where the coffee was just delicious. Sarvi and Sanem wanted to taste, but as it was late, they decided to go the next day. While all the discussions regarding classes and other stuff were going, that gang of seniors from the canteen were going just opposite to them, Aditi observed them and made Sanem alert, but they didn't notice them.

    Aditi saw Aroovi from their class, sitting alone eating chocolate. Aditi called her. Aroovi said, Hi! Sanem asked her Why she was sitting alone there, would have joined them know? Aroovi said it seemed all of they were friends from before, and new members in their group seemed to be weird...... Sanem and other people laughed at her innocent words and said NO! NO! they were friends after getting into the college and became so close in less time. Aroovi smiled for her innocence and asked them whether she could join in their group or not? Everyone answered, oh! Joint don't be that formal, she already added in their group. The bus arrived, and everyone said BYE to each other and left that place.

    As the days were passing, Sanem bonding with Aroovi, Sarvi, and Aditi became closer. Classes were regularly going, and assignments too were given. But the fear of lying to senior was hitting back Sanem. Aroovi and Sanem went to canteen for sheets to write assignments, Sanem paid the bill for sheets and told Aroovi to carry that. As soon as she turned back, she was shocked to see Abhi(senior) in front of her. How dare you lie to me? Abhi asked in temper. Sanem stayed silent and was frightened, which clearly seemed in her face. Abhi said whether he looked like a joker to her? Sanem said SORRY, she was getting late for the class and didn't know what to do, and said that.

    When the girl's afraid of the boy..... - Seitokai Yakuindomo ...

    Abhi didn't accept her apology and asked her to dance in front of everyone. Sanem said NO way! She can't dance as she don't know how to dance. Abhi didn't agree with what Sanem said. Suddenly the principal came for inspection in the canteen, Abhi said Leave now, the principal was around, don't think that she was saved, she was saved only for now and he would see her soon. Aroovi was in blank, and Sanem was about to cry, but she didn't. Aroovi, after entering into the class explained the whole situation to Aditi. Aditi in a low tone said that she was expecting some bad gonna happen soon, but she didn't expect that Abhi was in that temper. Aditi said she heard about Abhi on her bus that he was the crush for many girls and was a nice guy with a short temper. Sanem, What nice guy Aditi, he asked to dance in front of everyone, thank god, the principal was on inspection, and she was saved , but he also said he gonna see her soon, frightened Sanem said. 

    Aroovi further added if she were in that place, she would go with fear. Aditi smiled that why it was Sanem there, not Aroovi. Though Sanem was smiling outside, the fear of Abhi was still there.

    Sanem went to her room and explained the things to Riya and Mayaa. Mayaa said just chill dude, not to take seriously, it was just ragging. Riya said, be careful in coming days, it won't go that worst she was expecting, ragging was a part of the fun that it, should not worry much. Sanem, too felt OK for their words. Riya asked Sanem to go to supermarket with her as there were certain things to buy. As both were looking for something to buy, Sanem was shocked, What was he doing there? ..........................

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