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    Sunday, April 19, 2020

    First day of College : CHAPTER 11

    Sanem couldn't sleep properly as the next was going to be her first day of College. Sanem developed a habit of writing her feelings into words. She woke up at 5 am and prayed to God, which was her daily routine. She took her bath and sat on the bed, everyone started waking up to get ready for College as it was already 6 am. Sanem took a notebook, and a pen started witing...

    Every day is new hope
    Forget about yesterday
    Cling to your dreams
    It's like there are hundreds of birds in my heart
    Embrace your dreams
    Fly high..........

    She closed the notebook and dropped pen into the box, thinking everything should go well and was very excited about her 1st day to college. Riya breaking the conversation warned, careful with the seniors, about ragging. We were experienced a week earlier, but for you, it was the 1st right. Sanem, with a terrifying look, nodded her head as yes. 

    All together had breakfast and waiting for college bus arrival. Meanwhile, SVC college bus arrived, saying bye to Sanem, Riya and Maaya boarded. Sanem was waiting for her college bus, lost in thoughts thinking about ragging, and was afraid. Soon, a bus horned infront of her, with little fear and more excitement she boarded the bus, almost all seats were filled and she saw a corner seat place was empty, she went there and sat observing the people in the bus.

    HI! am Sonakshi, a husky voice from beside her, Sanem turned her face and said Hi! am Sanem. Were you in 1st of ......... Sonakshi asked. Yes am 1st year Life Sciences, Sanem told. Woah! Am 1st-year Biostatiscs, Sonakshi said. Sonakshi was a very talkative girl and was continuously talking until the college arrived. Both said bye to each other.

    Sanem was very impressed with the college premises and the greenery both sides of the footpath. She saw a group standing near the A block. Sanem went to them and asked Hey! Can you guide the way to 1st year Life Sciences classroom?  They answered it's on 1st floor 2nd right. She said "THANK YOU" and went to class, and she was wondering to find the place to sit, a in charge came to the school and informed them to go to the lab in the ground floor, beside the pace. All the people from the classroom gathered there, Sanem sat in the 2nd row, the first chair. All the people were talking to each other, and some of them were friends before.

    A faculty entered the lab, wished everyone and introduced herself as a Microbiology Head. She told them to introduce themselves, as that was thier first day of college. That continued till the lunch break. During lunch, Sanem and the other 5 people(Aditi, Sarvi, Sunisha, Likitha, Ruhi) were eating together, and within no time, they become good friends. Even the afternoon session went the same as the morning. After college, everyone gathered near footpaths and waiting for their buses. A group of 8 people just opposite to them called them. Aditi in a low voice said, seniors yaar, finish now. From the group, the guy of medium height said, don't you people have the common sense to wish seniors. Everyone said Good Evening Seniors, the same guy called Ruhi a little front and asked her to tell her BD, Ruhi with innocent face asked them What is BD? they all giggled and, said "Biodata" didn't you know this? What a fool you are? Ruhi, with frightened, face apologized to them and told her Biodata. They were continuously taunting her to add Sir and Madam at the end of each sentence. Sanem thought she was finished for the day, but to her rescue the buses arrived and the seniors told to see them, the next day. Sanem thought she was safe for the day but she was more terrified for upcoming days to face ragging. Riya asked her how was the day? was about to booked for ragging, time god, the bus arrived and they left us but poor Ruhi faced the seniors. Maaya laughed and said that was actually a sample, sometimes they even gives tasks to perform. Meanwhile, new members started coming as that was the start of academics.
    New friends
    New bonding
    New life
    New environment...

    Sanem liking each and every bit of it. Her roomates were so friendly and she too mingled easily. They stayed upto late night chit chatting and knowing each other. Things started going cool.

    Next day, as usual Sanem went to college and the classes started, during break hour, Aditi asked Sanem and other people "Let's go to Canteen" as she heard there were old and new canteen in their college and old canteen just had every stuff to eat and hangout for some time. Sanem was not that interested first but Ruhi and Sarvi too were interested in visiting, Sanem too agreed. Old canteen was too far from their block, the canteen was kind of Roof Shed with plastic chairs and tables inside and outside. Most of the seniors were there, they forgot about ragging and was more curious in MENU. Suddenly a group of people started noting them and were discussing "Were they the first years"? Sanem heard their conversation.

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    For Chapter 10 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/04/exploring-to-new-environment-chapter-10.html


    1. Taking me back to college days..!! Miss those days��

    2. Day by day the story was very intresting👌 Egarly waiting for next chapter

    3. Waiting for next chapter..thnq sanem ...throw to back my clg because of u r story 😍

    4. Very interesting....Waiting for nxt chapter...

    5. Good going. Looking forward for the next..

    6. I miss my college days ... badly as there are always new hopes......I am pretty sure that next episode will on raging .... If i am not wrong. Love to read that article... and much eager to know how Sanem would react to their superiors (seniors).

      Good Luck..!!!

    7. Thank you all... Kindly share with your friends too...

    8. Absolutely connected..❤️❤️


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