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    Wednesday, April 15, 2020

    Exploring to New Environment : CHAPTER 10

    It's been 3hrs, Sanem still searching for the best colleges that she wanted to go to. Yet, she didn't find the excellent college that suits her. She then thought to even search for colleges in Banglore, too, as it was a bit close to her place.

    Sanem called Mom...Mom... and asked that she couldn't find any good colleges with placements, and with her permission, she can go for Banglore. Ritu agreed for Sanem's words as it was her career. Sanem found the right college for her graduation, i.e., "Christ Institute of Life Sciences and Management."

    She was dreaming about how is the college-going to be?
    Whether she could cop up with the culture there?
    She recalled one of her friend conversation that Banglore is one of the fantastic places to visit and explore.
    Sanem, dreaming all this, went to sleep.

    The next 2 days later, Ritu called Sanem, where are you beta? It's already Friday.....We have to get there by Sunday evening...So, that Sanem has time to set everything, and Monday was her first-day college.

    Ritu told that she spoke to one of her friends in Bangalore to check one good PG for her. Once we reached there, Ritu's friend will look after everything. So, no need to worry about searching PG.
    Ritu helped Sanem in packing her luggage.

    Sunday morning, they took a Banglore Express train at 10:00 am and reached there by afternoon 2:15 pm. Ritu friend Shreya came to pick them up. Shreya hugged both Ritu, and Sanem asked HOW WAS THE JOURNEY? Ritu said it was OK, a bit tired. As they stepped out of the station, Sanem felt the climate was so beautiful with greenery all over there. She loved the architecture of every building over there. She loved the smell of chai, which is coming from the roadside.

    They reached Shreya's apartment, Ritu and Sanem sat on the sofa, resting for a while. Shreya offered them coffee. Ritu and Shreya recalling there college days while Sanem saw the balcony, started walking to that side, holding a purple mug with coffee. She was stunned by the view from the balcony with a beautiful garden just below the apartment. She loved the smell of sand as it was a drizzle.

    Everything just seemed so perfect as it was for her. After an hour, they went to see PG. Shreya spoke with the warden about everything they visited.

    So, they directly went to saw the rooms for Sanem. The warden said right there were only 2beds left in the PG that too on the 2nd Floor, one was in the hall and the other was in the bedroom. Sanem saw both and decided to choose the bedroom. It was 4 shared room with separate cupboards and study table with attached washroom.  The warden told that her roommates 3 members were from engineering. They might go out for a walk, they will be back soon.

    Ritu said to be kind and friendly with everyone. Be in her limits and eat proper food. She also told to arrange everything into a cupboard and take some rest. If she needs anything, her mom was just a call away. Time for Ritu to leave and catch the train.
    BYE SANEM BETA.....Her teary eyes said to take care and Miss her so much...
    Sanem too cried, held her tight, and said BYE MOM, TAKE CARE.....
    Shreya too said BYE SANEM, TAKE CARE...

    After 15 mins of Ritu went, her roommates came while Sanem was arranging everything. Sanem said...
    Hi, am Sanem
    Hi! Sanem, am Riya
    Hi! am Maaya
    Hi! am Mouna
    They didn't have much conversation as everyone was new to each other.
    They all had dinner together. Before sleeping, Sanem made a call to her mom to know when she reached home.....they talked for a while, and Sanem told as of now everything was good even the food was ok too. Do not worry...  Bye, Mom.

    While sleeping, she thought she needs to so strong, brave, and matured. She hopes everything goes well in college too.

    Stay Tuned for freshing all graduation memories................

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    For Chapter 10 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/04/begining-of-sanem-chapter-9.html


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