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    Saturday, April 11, 2020

    Sanem Raised : CHAPTER 9

    "Raising a family is difficult enough 
    But it's even more difficult for Single Parent's struggling to make ends meet...
    They don't need more obstacles, they need more opportunities to be stronger than ever..." 

    It was a monsoon day with the hurricane, and then the sound of Ritu calling Sanem, Sanem... come inside it's raining heavily, do not drench my daughter, you may be catch cold. 
    Then a sweet voice said, " COMING MOM"... am not out, just standing in the balcony and enjoying the drizzle.

    Sanem a beautiful, adorable, understanding, silent, decent and innocent girl. Sanem since her childhood saw many ups and downs. Her life of the past 12 yrs was only her mother and Sanem. There was a lack of love from Ritu's family, even if Sanem went to her Grand ma's place for vacation, the way they treated was the worst she experienced... Sanem wanted to visit grand ma's home because it was the only place for her left after her home. Slowly as the days were passing she realized the fact that "No need of anyone love, it's only her mom, enough of her". Sanem was always thankful to god for what she had in her life. 

    Even in school, Sanem was a bright and silent girl. She used to be so good to the girls and maintained a good distance with boys. Ritu though she never told her to be away from boys but told to be in limits. But, listening to all the neighbors of "WHAT HER FATHER DID WITH HER MOTHER" had a huge impact on her and it turned out to be the worst opinion on boys. Sanem, once overheard her mom's conversation in the phone she heard that her father in jail brided the police and came out, passed by many years, he never returned to see Sanem. That thing even made down the lane in her life. She hated him like no other.

    Ritu decided that as Sanem was growing and to avoid disturbances further, she wanted to complete her DIVORCE with Ankit.

    When Sanem was in the 9th standard, the court announcement for official divorce discussions was going on. At that time Ritu felt so nervous because what if the judge asks sanem with whom you want to stay? This question was continuously taunting Ritu what Sanem will answer? 
    The next day while everyone waiting for the judge's arrival. Sanem who sat beside her mum just observing the surroundings and the culture in the court. In the next 10minutes of their wait judge arrived, the advocate started his word with “A Very Good Morning your honor!”  
    The advocate started explaining the whole story of Ritu and Ankit. The judge asked How many kids does she have?. The advocate said there was only a girl named Sanem for them.
    The judge called Sanem to the board and there the tension starts for Ritu and Ritu elder sister who is the only dearest person for Ritu. 
    Judge questioned, “What is your name girl”?   
    “Sanem” she answered. 
    Judge questioned, “How long you are staying with your mom”?  
    Sanem said, “Since the day born”.  
    Judge questioned Sanem, “Did she love her father or mother”?  

    Sanem replied “Mother”. 

    Judge asked, “Did she want to stay with her mother or father”? 

    Sanem with no doubt replied “Mother”. 

    The judge asked, “Why”?  

    Sanem after 5mins of silence said "She doesn’t know her father, she only knows her mother who was there with her all the time. She doesn’t think her father loves her because he never ever come to meet her in these years. She wonders if he remembered at least that he was the father of a girl. He left her in her childhood only but her mother was the one who sticks to her and taken care of us like a princess". 

    Ritu eyes filled with joyful tears for Sanem's clear and brave full words.  
    The judge wondered by Sanem words and issued divorce officially and made Sanem stay with her mother after listening to opponent (Ankit) side too, as they too want divorce.

    The fact of lacking dad's love was never problematic to Sanem actually she never ever think of that. She hates him so much that the pain of he never saw her as a daughter made her sick of believing in marriage life and hated boys. She rarely speaks to her class boys. All her friends know that Sanem’s father was no more and she was growing up by her mother alone. Sanem actually hated the fact of divorce because she doesn’t want someone to misunderstand her mother instead she says that her father was no more. 
    Her schooling went so well with all fun generally used. She stood topper of her 10th. Her mother felt so happy. Sanem wanted to pursue her higher education, away from the home and wanted to be in a hostel. Ritu never allowed Sanem to stay away from her and there was never a day that Ritu was away from Sanem. Ritu had to agree for Sanem's decision because she wanted her daughter to learn things from her own.  
    Ritu after proper inquiry she selected one high-security college for Sanem's 11th and 12th. She packed everything that was required for Sanem to be in the hostel. On, the joining day the pain full heart of Ritu left Sanem at the hostel. Sanem though she was leaving her mom for the first time, the more she was excited about hostel life and her best friend Rishrutha was her roommate. The day was so exciting as she didn't felt the hostel's life because of her friend. Sanem called her mother from the coin box and shared her experience of 1st day at the hostel.

    The next day she started missing her mom as everyone in the hostel started sharing words about their parents. One thing that started hurting more was, as it was a girl hostel and most of them were attached to their fathers. They talk more about their bond with father. The lack of father love in her life disturbed her. Without her senses tears rolled from her eyes she cleared it off from her face before anyone observe her. This feeling started taunting her. She was unable to read that day these went like days she was unable to control her tears. She cried cried cried until the pain vanishes. One day during break time she alone went to the garden to breathe some fresh air. 
    Sanem started thinking –

    Why does she waste her tears for someone who doesn’t even care for me...Why does she waste her tears for someone who didn’t even realize that he has a daughter...Why does she waste her tears to someone who is so cruel to my kind mother.....Why does she waste her tears to someone who was incapable to build up family...Why does she waste her tears to someone who never understood the meaning of marriage...WHY?WHY?
    Sanem realized rather than wasting her tears for nonsense, she should have much more thankful to GOD who always stood with her in her father's place.
    Nostalgic thoughts of Ritu just flashed in front of her. Sanem started realizing "HOW GREAT WAS THE MOTHER LOVE".  

    She was very thankful to her mother for not leaving her no matter what.
    She was very thankful because her mother never listened to people telling her to get marry 2nd time. She easily declined the offer and made her life only for Sanem only.

    Suddenly the bell rang. Sanem stood up and felt happy for what God has given to her. She went to her classroom with a peaceful brain and started concentrating well on studies.

    During 2nd year it was a bit up and down for her to cope with schedules. She felt the syllabus was running. But, the fact was that the 2 years of that life was her career deciding. Sanem wanted to become something and choose her hostel life, but she realized it was going something. Maybe, that time she might not reach her mother's expectations. Ritu didn't utter a single word that hurts Sanem, though she didn't reach up to the mark as she used to be in her school. Even her next career step too Ritu left to Sanem. So, Sanem decided to choose her graduation in Life Sciences background and go with the flow. 

    One thing was that Sanem always dreamt of high. 

    She sat in front of the computer looking for the best colleges in HYDERABAD. 

    Do share your views and comment what your expecting in Sanem Graduations days.... 

    For CHAPTER 8 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/04/what-made-ritu-for-becoming-independent.html 


    1. Looks interesting in upcoming chapterd...

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