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    Saturday, March 28, 2020

    Ritu regret for not taking proper care of sanem : CHAPTER 4

    Ritu after an hour called one more time. This time it was not reachable.
    Ritu thought there was something wrong.
    Why the hell she was not picking up the call?

    Ritu decided to go ankit's house so, that she may found why there was no response from them.

    Ritu thought taking sanem with her was not good right now as she was not sure of the situations. She so, decided to keep with sharadha and could leave to ankit.

    Ritu told all the things to sharadha and told her to take care of sanem as that was the first time she's leaving her.

    Ritu took her and gave a peck on her forehead said "momma will return soon little princess"

    With void in her heart and senseless to her brain.

    "The pain that goes deep in her thoughts...The pain which was experiencing from bottom of her heart....The pain which has no meaning....The pain which she's experiencing cannot be feeled by others...."

    Like a rush street turned into empty roads...

    Like how a beating heart stopped beating...


    Its the pain that killing inside her for what was happened?

    Starring the family beside seat in the bus were happy with their kids. If ankit was a changed person, we would be the same happiest couple with beautiful sanem.

    Tears flooded from her eyes thinking why ankit's mother didnt even responded till that time also.

    She was actually waiting for ankit's mother to answer all her questions.
    Above all she was the one who can answer to Ritu questions.

    She took an auto to reach ankit home. During that short time also she was praying to god that ankit need to be safe.

    She just get down from the auto and gave money to him. As she turned back she was blown out by seeing lock to the gate. She was astounded!
    She dont know what to do and whom to ask?

    She went to the neighbour's house to know the where abouts of ankit family.

    To her unanswerable questions it added few more statements. The neighbour said that they went to somewhere a week ago.
    She didnt understand anything! she asked about ankit, they told that even ankit was with them.
    Listening this she was shattered! Didn't understand why ankit didn't come to her after completing the treatment?

    She thought may be ankit treatment didn't work or didn't he strucked with other problems?

    Why can't she was not knowing the answer?

    She's got angry on herself for believing in ankit mother words.
    She regreted for agreeing to ankit mother about the treatment.

    She regreted for her foolishness of agian stepping into the mud when she knows it was full of thrones.
    She didnt realised the mud she stepped in was useless. 

    She returned back to sanem.
    Sharadha asked her what was happened? "Was there anything that surprising her because she looked so nervous and weak... "

    Ritu ignoring all the questions of sharadha asked her how was sanem? Did she was calm or irritated her?

    Sharadha with a smile on her face said you know about sanem. She was the girl who can sit quietly and eats what ever she gets and plays in her own world. Being with sanem was just love.

    Ritu went to take bath and asked sharadha for a coffee as her head was rolling with different tensions.

    Ritu took bath, relaxed fora while and went to see what was sanem doing....

    Starring the innocent eyes of sanem, ritu inner voice started saying how good and happy was sanem, she didnt even know what was happening with her mother life. She also stated that it was actually very good for sanem as she was in that age or else she too would go mad for unanswerable questions that were coming their way...

    Ritu holding coffee mug given by sharadha and in lost in deep thoughts.
    Sharadha understood her situation and asked what happened ritu? Share something so that your heart felt good.

    Ritu with tears in her eyes.... cried a loud....
    She cried cried cried cried cried...... until her tears stopped and her pain started speaking.
    Ritu said to sharadha that when she went there the gates were locked and the neighbours told her that the family went somewhere a week ago and took a word that ankit too was there.

    Sharadha too shocked that how come that gonna happened, ankit mother told that ankit was on treatment know!

    Ritu stated that she dont understand what to do and was wondering how to react. What should i answer to her mom who was calling frequently to know about ankit..even they were ankit ankit's arrival.

    Ritu even stated that last night randomly she was ankit in a group pic of santhu status who's a cousin of ankit. He seemed so good in that pic. When she called santhu and asked about that pic she stated that was old pic and wondered that what happened and she too didnt even had talked with them long as she was busy with her job.

    Ritu started contacting their paternity side family memebers and everyone were like they dont know anything.....

    Days were passing but she didnt get any response from the people.

    Ritu was lost in her mind and didnt even realised that sanem was turning 1 the next day. Ritu heart felt saddened for what she should celebrate sanem birthday without ankit and everyone who comes definitely ask about ankit and she had no words to explain them. She quit celebrating her 1st birthday.

    Next day it was sanem birthday, ritu cuddled her and wished her, said please forgive her momma for not celebrating her birthday and stated she celebrates a big party once everything settled.

    Days passing still no update about ankit.

    One day sharadha shouted ritu.. ritu... sanem health seemed not good.
    Ritu rushed to her and saw sanem health condition was not good as she was suffering with diarrhoea since last night and ritu gave her medicines but it didnt cured and even worsen.

    Ritu immediately took her to hospital and they admitted her as stating it was emergency and condition was serious.
    Ritu called her parents and informed regarding the situation and came in hurry catching the flight and rushed to her.

    Ritu was crying and seemed to be lost.
    Looking her mother ritu even cried and regreted for not taking proper care about sanem and was lost in some other problems.

    Her mother consoled her and stated "Don't worry Ritu, everything gonna be good" lets just pray to god and hope for speed recovery of sanem.

    Sanem was in ICU since 2 days, senior doctor who came and checked sanem said "Her condition was a bit critical and they were doing what they could and rest was on god's hand". 

    Poor Ritu shredded into tears. She beated herself for not concentrating proper on ritu and concentrated on something that was unanswerale.

    Ritu felt so sorry for sanem and started said what if something happened to sanem and she cannot survive without her.

    Senior doctor just came from the ICU and said There's only one hope for sanem that her electrolytes count was down and she was not even urinated since a day.

    If sanem wont urine, treatment wont work on her.

    All the members of family cried for the sanem condition....

    Stay tuned for next chapters...
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