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    Thursday, March 26, 2020

    Reason for Pointless Behaviour of Ankit : CHAPTER 3

    Ritu was pointless thinking about Ankit's behavior. She was surprised why he was not even liking to see her daughter. It is like 20 days and he didn't even wish to see their daughter. She wants to know the reason behind his meaningless behavior.

    As days were passing Ritu doubts on Ankit increasing day by day.
    She started thinking whether he was into some other girl.
    or Whether he's having any past life which is affecting now.

    This went annoying her more with no answers.
    She so decided to contact their friends and let know the reason for his rude behavior.
    To her surprise, she didn't even know any of their friends and he never discussed his friends with her.
    She then decided to get the contacts from his phone.
    She was waiting for his return home in meanwhile she made her daughter fall asleep.

    She was waiting waiting waiting.......

    Waiting remained to wait...
    Waiting remained painfulness....
    Waiting remained to suffer...

    As days are passing Ankit didn't come back. She had no idea where he went.
    She tried calling him and it was unreachable.
    After days, she wants to complain about his missing case police station.
    Before that, she called Ankit parents to inform them he's missing.
    To her surprise, while she was on phone with Ankit's mother, she got to know Ankit was with them.
    Her heartfelt beating...
    She felt as if she was breathing freshly.

    She said Ankit's mother give the phone to him as she wants to talk to him.
    Ankit's mother denied her request by saying he was very upset with you and wants to stay alone for some time.
    Listening to this Ritu was shocked and decided to directly meet him face to face.
    She then booked a bus for Ankit's native place which includes 14 hrs journey from her place.
    She packed everything that is required for her baby as she was very small and requires extra attention and care.
    The day, she was leaving, the weather seems to be too cold as it was mid of winter. She got a window seat, as it was too cold outside she closed the windows and covered with wool clothes to her little princess. She feeds her milk made her fall asleep.

    During the journey, many thoughts flooded in her heart.

    Why he hates her?
    Does he have any health issues?
    Does he love any other girl? If he loves then why he married her?

    Everything mentally disturbing her. Throughout the journey, she didn't even sleep for a while.
    She was only thinking about Ankit. By afternoon 12 she reached the destination. She carried her daughter in one hand and her luggage on the other hand.

    She rang the bell and Ankit's mom opened the door and shocked to see Ritu at the entrance. She called her inside and took little princess into their hands saying how beautiful my granddaughter's eyes are!
    Seeing her face seems to be the happiest ever.

    Ritu eyes were searching for Ankit. Ankit's mother understood her intentions and said Ankit was not at home. She even said he was sick and went to visit the doctor. Listening to this Ankit mother started saying that we were sorry, we need to tell you before only regarding Ankit's health condition. Ritu was tensed what actually happened to him and was eagerly waiting for happened. Ankit's mother told that before marriage only he was attacked with a psychotic disorder, he took treatment for a year too. They even said that they thought that he was cured completely, maybe if they took his condition out he won't get married above all he was cured now. So, no need of telling that to anyone.

    lonely husband sad to see

    Recently, when Ritu was called them and told his condition. They got to know the disorder was not yet properly cured. Ritu was blanked and there were no words to speak.

    "Like the silence before the storm.." 

    Ankit's family was guilty of what was happened to her.
    Ritu then asked can she meet Ankit?
    Ankit's mother replied Ankit was on treatment at Kerala for 10 months. They told some of the neighbors suggested this treatment as they got successful results. Hoping for Ankit's speed recovery too.
    They even hoped as fast as Ankit recovers it would be better because his daughter should not know her father's condition.

    They even cried, that he was missing his daughter's growing moments and requested her not to inform anyone about this condition of Ankit.

    Ritu with deep grief silently took her daughter and moved back to her place.

    The next day she cooked some food for her. She was not in a mood to eat anything but to feed her daughter she needs to take care of herself too.

    Ritu then took her daughter, cuddled her princess and cried. She showed how pointless she was at that time. She then realized not to cry in front of her child. She needed her and made her sleep in her lap.

    Ritu was thinking about what to answer to her parents, neighbors?
    Should she inform her parents about his condition?

    Many questions raising and disturbing her brain.
    She then decided to let her inform that Ankit got a new job at Dehradun and the project was for 10 months and then he shifts to her place.

    Ritu told this even to Raina her neighbor who visited her house for seeing her daughter.
    While on talk Raina asked Ritu that what name she want to keep to her beautiful daughter.
    Ritu took a deep breath and was taunting herself for not naming her daughter and lost her thoughts only for Ankit.

    Ritu thinks for a while and named told "Sanem". Yes, she wants to name her Sanem.
    Raina told me that she was guessing that some of the other unique names only she will keep.
    Raina liked the name Sanem and asked what is the meaning?
    Ritu said Sanem means a very beautiful thing. Her daughter is the only beautiful thing that she never experienced.

    After a long time, Ritu had a good company with Raina.

    Days are passing very fast. Sanem too was growing fast. Sanem's smile is the most beautiful smile she ever saw. Seeing her smile, all her problems will vanish in a moment.
    Ritu used to count the days for ankit arrival. It was like 7 months completed. Ritu thought in the next 3 months her wait for the gonna end and could see a new Ankit.

    Ritu holding Sanem and started saying that her pappa gonna soon be her side. Don't worry that you didn't experience fathers love. Everything gonna be fulfilled after the arrival. Sanem gonna receive the best fathers' love.

    Ritu's maternity leave was come to an end and realized soon she needs to arrange a caretaker for Sanem. So, that Sanem gets attached to caretaker and Ritu can go to work easily. Ritu started calling her friends about the availability of caretakers.

    After a week of enquiry, she got a maid(shraddha) for her daughter.
    Sharadha was good, caring woman. Easily mingle with everyone.

    Ritu wanted to talk to Ankit once but she remembered that Ankit mother informed that no contact to Ankit until the treatment completes.

    She had no idea. How the days were passing? it's just went seeing her daughter smily face.

    It was the day that she's expecting a call from Ankit's mother.
    It was the day that her wait is about to over.
    It was the day that her broken heart was about to paste.
    It was the day that all the missing love for her daughter could get.
    It was the day to answer all the questions of the neighbors.

    Ritu couldn't resist the wait and called Ankit mother to know about how he was?
    To her surprise, she didn't pick the call. Ritu called one more time no reply...
    Ritu after 10 minutes she called again, still no reply.....

    Wait till the next chapter to know why Ankit's mother didn't answer Ritu's call... 

    Kindly share your views in comment section.
    Yor views can encourage me to write more.

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