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    Friday, July 3, 2020

    A Periphery that's worth-Conclusion : CHAPTER - 29

    The next day, even though she was busy with the office work, half of her thoughts were filled with Michael. She thought of discussing the thing with her friends but was afraid of their reaction.

    Days were passing by, she didn't know how to confess her feelings to Michael. All she did was just hold her feelings stay inside her and waited for the right moment to come. Everytime she met him, the thought of loosing him if she confess anything made her remained silent and left her with no option but to remain silent and listen to the words he spoke. The moment he leaves from her, she felt broken, she misses him so much that it hurts. Her eyes brimmed with tears which was the purest form of love for him.

    There was a client meeting with USA deligates and Sanem was assigned to take over the meeting lead. That was the first time that Sanem handling something big, she became quite busy with all the work and at the same time she was happy for the work that atleast she could deviate herself from the stupid thoughts. The manager called Sanem and informed that the meeting going to be held on coming Monday. Sanem checked the calender for the date and it's going be Michael's birthday on the same day. She had nothing to do on that day. She planned to gift him something special that he should love that gift. She was thinking and suddenly remembered that he once shared gadget link that he liked. So, she ordered his favorite and was wondering when to give that to him. Michael called Sanem and asked to meet him before his birthday as it won't be possible for him to meet her on that day. Sanem felt elated that Michael had a thought of meeting her on his birthday. But, she gifted him the day they met and wished him an advance happy birthday. With lot of curiosity to know the gift, Michael thanked and wished her best of luck for client meeting and droped at her hostel.  Her actions and words always says how special and favorite person he was.

    Even though Michael understands her feelings for him but he never tried to discuss that with her. Even though he liked her, there was a pressure of career settlement and he was not ready for any other realtionship to handle at that point of time. Sanem too sense the vibes from him and never dared to talk and wished everything happens in a right time.

    She wished him on his birthday and he was so happy for the gift he loved and thanked her. Her client meet went perfect and everyone appreciated her for the effort. Sanem too was happy for the appreciation she got, she then called her Mother, informed about the appreciation and her mother too felt happy. She then called Michael to know how's his day and birthday party went and informed him about her meeting too.

    Things been going hand-hand but her thoughts for him remained same. 

    "She's loves a person whom she was unaware of knowing his feelings for her
    She's started loving a person strongly that she wanted to share her life without knowing if he feels the same"...

    Sanem always sees Michael in her dreams and when she wokes up she feels certain dreams should be real. With each passing day she realised how much Michael occupied in her life.

    "The hearts cannot be blammed 
    If they choose to untamed

    For there are stories left to be heard
    And joys left to be discovered 

    For there days to be filled
    And dreams left to be fulfilled", Sanem penned in her notebook thinking about Michael.

    Keeping aside all these things, she started concentrating in her career hoping everything goes well with gods will. Riya her Graduation PG mate came to visit Sanem. Sanem was excited that Riya came to meet her after a long time and she was the person in her life whom she feels like sharing everything. Sanem puts up her courage and told her that she liked Michael and narrated the whole story about him. Sanem told that she likes when Michael cared for her and wanted him in her life badly. Riya was surprised to listen  that and wondered how Michael got place in her heart. Riya was so surprised that Abhi her senior who was so perfect and Sanem didn't even turned to him but how Michael? what was special about him.

    Sanem told it's not about perfect
    It's just about the understanding
    She just liked the way he was with her and how he treats her.

    Riya understood what actually Sanem wanted to say but warns not to increase her feelings for him more. Just be the same with him as they never know what future decides. 

    She knew that Michael was so stubborn to express his feelings. But, one day he will for sure.

    "She will wait for the day to come"....Where everything goes well and there was only Sanem and Michael.

    Sanem's mother called her and informed that she was coming to Chennai for office work and along with that she wanted to visit her. Sanem told that she took a leave on the day so, that she could spend time with her.

    Her mother completed her office work and Sanem went to pick her up for lunch. They spent some quality time and discussed many things. Her mother asked Sanem that her friend son Michael too stays in Chennai let's meet him once and called her friend to have his number and invited him for the next day lunch. Sanem sent a text to Michael regarding the same. Sanem had bufferflies in her stomach as her Mother was meeting Michael.

    Her mother prepared some special lunch for him. Michael visited them and spent some time at their house. Michael bidded bye and thanked for the lunch and left there.

    And there goes mother daughter conversation, her mother asked Sanem that there was a match for her told by her aunt and wanted to know her opinion. Sanem didn't know that her mother could propose a marriage proposal soon and was worried so much that she don't know how to react, inside Sanem was dying to say that she liked Michael but she knew Michael was not ready with his career to acceot her. Her mother told her to take time and share her opinion.

    Sanem don't know how to react, tears shredded from her eyes, she made a call to Michael and informed about marriage proposal. Michael simply said donot worry much, it was just a proposal and clearly share that she need some time with her mother and he hopes her mother definitly understands her. Sanem shared her views to her mother. Her mother didn't utter a single word but remained silent. Sanem aunt called her and started convincing her for marriage. Sanem was too worried about that but she clearly told her mother that she need time. Her mother agreed for Sanem words. Michael made a call to Sanem to know about her marriage proposal and Sanem said that her mother agreed for what she told and gave her some time.


    As everything going well...........


    Her mother made a call to Sanem to come home as there was a bridal gaze for her. Sanem startled for a moment and cut the call. She made a call to Michael and told about bridal gaze. Michael didn't reacted much and said "Comeon! Sanem going to be a bride soon" his words made her feel shattered and thought it was her fault for keeping false hopes on him when she was not clear what was going in his head. She questioned herself for being stupid all those days.

    She went home and her mother placed a new dress for her and told that to get ready and the groom side were coming soon. Sanem had no idea and was least interested to know about them as she was upset for Michael's behaviour. Sanem decided whatever happens let it be but she gonna reject and ask Michael straight away to get married.

    Her mother called, Sanem come beta!

    Mother : Sanem, be normal and just answer what they ask
    Sanem : Ok!!!!

    Sanem went there and sat in the sofa, she put her head down as she don't want to see anyone over there. Sanem mother offered coffee to them.  A voice of "Where are you working ma? Sanem sensed the voice familiar that she heard some where. She then raised her head up and saw her. It was Michael's mother, she could believed her eyes as Michael sat beside his father. Sanem felt overwhelmed and couldn't believe what was happening infront of her was real.

    Sanem unable to express how happy she was. Sanem's mother told that Michael came to her and told that he was working in so and so place and wanted to marry Sanem. Sanem's mother already has an good impression on him and without any second thought she agreed and it was Michael plan that not to inform to Sanem about this and let it be as a surprise.

    Sanem and Michael sat in the balcony and Michael said sorry for his behavior on call. Sanem stared at him for a while as she had no words to express and it was just happy tears from her eyes. She couldn't hold herself and hugged him silently as it was only thing she could express her happiness.

    Happily Everafter...............

    Thank you so much for taking time and patiently reading my chapters. I will appreciate your time and love towards the story. Because of your appreciation and encouragement I could able to write this. Do share your views in the comment section. Hope everyone likes this ending. 

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    Stay tuned to the blog. Will surely come back with one more story.

    For Chapter 28 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/06/chapter-28.html


    1. Very well narrated....will be waiting more from you...keep up the work

      All the very best for next!!!

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    4. That was quite a lovely and lively ending. The story depicts the lives of many girls, some who found their love and some who gave it up for the family and society or maybe forced to.

      I appreciate your narrative spirit and skill. All the best!

    5. Unexpected ending. Superb narration.. never expected that the story has ending this soon. All the very best.

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      please visit my blog

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