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    Tuesday, June 16, 2020

    The cat is out of the box : CHAPTER - 27

    Sanem felt the warmth in his arms....

    She felt protected.....

    She felt comfortable but she didn't react, before she could make a word from her mouth, Michael kissed on her forehead. Sanem stayed silent, she don't know how to react. She was in an utter dilemma and an unknown emotion that she never felt surrounded with her heart. Michael immediately regretted for his act which he had done without his senses. Sanem silently walked from there, Michael ran behind her and asked to say something but Sanem reamined silent. Micheal urged Sanem to speak something. And the words rolled out of her mouth were..."Why did you do that?" Michael apologized for what just happened and asked her if she wanted to slap him. She was so silent that the Michael couldn't bear that silence. He apologized again telling that he was not with any wrong intentions and it just that how much he cared for her and nothing else. 

    Before leaving he said sorry for all that happened. He pleaded her to speak something but the only words that blurted out of her mouth were.. BYE.. 

    She left from there and Michael stood there filled with guilt.

    After back to PG, she couldn't stop herself from thinking about what was happened. She gave her brain so much pressure which she couldn't handle. For the first time in her life she not hugged a guy but he kissed her forehead too and she wonder Why didn't she utter a single word against him. 

    Did Michael's behaviour same with other girls too or Sanem was only special? May be because of his Modern culture exposure, he was like that! Should She take that into freindly nature and be like the same before. Her mind raised a millions of questions for which she had no answer. 
    After some time, Michael called to her!!

    Michael : Sanem!
    Sanem : Yes
    Michael : Sanem, really am having this guilty that i made all this mess
    Sanem : Remaine silent
    Michael : Talk something so that i can understand what is going in your head
    Sanem : Nothing, don't feel guilty
    Michael : I know there may be lot going in your head and take your time to talk to me......

    Sanem couldn't sleep properly thinking about what Michael said to her. She decided that not to discuss about that issue and just be normal as before as she don't want to break the bond with him. If at all anything happens in future, lets see. She just killed what was going through in her head.

    Next day she called and cleared everything with him. Michael felt happy that Sanem didn't misunderstood him.

    They used to chat and talk on regular basis, he used to share about his college life and she used to share the office routine as best friends. Sanem became busy with office and Michael busy with college works. They planned for a lunch, his words were the same but a bit change in his actions. She thought that may be for the last incident effect he's behaving normal with her. Michael was a bold guy and talks openly. Both were open to eachother just like best friends. Michael shared about his girl best friends, all the naughty things he has done, he also shared his breakup with a girl in the past, how he betrayed by that girl and how's he trying to overcome from that. He said sometimes digging past gives pain but no gain. Sanem took everything in a positive way and said "Everybody has a bitter past but past should be the past and past should never effect the future". Sanem gave her best words to be his supporter always.

    They used to meet now and then....

    Sanem started liking his company very much. Unknowingly Michael became an important person in Sanem's life and also her priority. After her Mother, Sanem didn't gave this importance in anyone in her life but Michael took that place. Michael became a part of her prayer. 

    On the other hand, Sanem's mother called her to know her whereabouts. Sanem told that she's going to come home in coming week and was very happy to meet her mother after long. Sanem told Michael that she's going home, Michael said to take care of her and text him after she reached home. 

    Sanem hugged her mother so tight and happy tears brimmed in her eyes. Her mother told that she cooked her favorite dishes for dinner. Sanem ate as if she was eating the delicious food for the first time. Ritu was waiting for Sanem to reveal that she lied that going out with friends and went to meet someone else. Sanem to was thinking to share about Michael her best friend to her mother. She feared how her mother will react to that. Her mother waited, waited for her dear daughter, the only family, the only love of her life.. To tell her what has happening in her life.. She wanted to hear her daughter. After a few minutes her mother asked if she wanted to tell something, Sanem said there's nothing much important to say about, usual office routine stuff. Her mother felt she was hiding something or may be she was overthinking. Hope Sanem don't do wrong things and she know her limits well.

    Before going to sleep, Sanem texted Michael. Michael didn't responded. Sanem thought he might be busy with college works. After sometime, she texted him GOOD NIGHT and kept her phone aside. She was thinking about Michael and why he didn't responded. 

    Suddenly her phone rang, she took the phone in excitment to see if it was Michael. It was a new number, she didn't pick the call. Her phone rang one more time and it was the same new number. As soon as she picked the call, "Hello Sanem!!! How are you?"  it was a male voice and not so familiar. "Who is this" Sanem asked. Sanem "You didn't recognize me, I know you will forget me but i missed you so much". "Hey! Hello Who is this" Sanem asked.

    "Its me" Sanem.

    Stay tuned to know about the anonymous person on the call. 

    For Chapter 26 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/06/chapter-26.html


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