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    Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    How did she find him? CHAPTER - 24

    Sanem was going through all the profiles but she couldn't find the one that matches him. She was upset for that and became busy in doing her work. Suddenly, her phone popped up with notification of a new new follow request in Instagram. She opened and was surprised to see the request which was from Michael. As soon as she accepted his request.  A Message from him....

    Michael : Hey! Wassup? We didn't even say BYE to each other that day as you are super excited to see your mother.

    Sanem : Sorry! I even regretted for that.

    Michael : It's ok. How are you?

    Sanem : Am good. How about you?

    Michael : Am good too. 

    Sanem : I Am in Chennai now. I Took my placement offer.

    Michael : Oh! Wow! Congratulations 🎉

    Sanem : Thank you

    Michael : How's everything going there? Place was quiet new, are you adapting to the place?

    Sanem : Yeah! There are couple of my friends here. So, they settled everything.

    Michael : How's your job life?

    Sanem : Training period is going on. They said it will be for next 2months and after that project can be assigned.

    Michael : Cool!

    Sanem : How your life going on?

    Michael : I applied for Masters in 3 colleges. Waiting for the confirmation. 

    Sanem : That's great!! You will get good college.

    Michael : Hope so...

    Sanem : What else?

    Michael : You know what, it took a long way for me to get your profile. 

    Sanem : Oh really.....
    (She felt happy that even he searched for the profile just like her but didn't shared that)

    Michael : Yeah! Somehow i got it....

    They had some good conversation like that and ended up with Good Night text. The next day Sanem went to the office and her usual training sessions went well. She used to text Michael often because of her busy schedules. Like wise while texting to him, Michael asked for the weekend plans. Sanem told there were some group of friends planning an outing for that weekend but the place was not decided yet. Michael asked If he could suggest something as he had some idea about Chennai. Sanem said ofcourse please. Michael suggested some one cafe to go. Sanem said they were looking for some buffet themed. Michael dropped his number ******* and told his battery was about to die and told her to call him in the morning.

    Michael was gerund a call from her but she didn't called him and texted him again in Instagram about the decided place. He told to have fun and call him after she's back to hostel. Sanem had so much fun with her friends after a long break. They enjoyed as if the that was the last time. Again a bundle of memories in her gallery.

    Sanem was thinking to call him or not, there were some random thoughts going in her head. She didn't call him but communicated in Whatsapp as a stranger but he figured it out, that was Sanem. She sent him all the food images of what she had. They became good friends in no time. Sanem used to share her daily stuff to him in Whatsapp.

    She received a call from Michael saying he got his Masters seat in Chennai. Sanem Congratulated him. He told that he was going to come in 2 weeks and asked if there was any chance of meeting her. Sanem was in dilemma, her thoughts were flowing like a gust of confusion, confusion whether to meet this new friend or not.

    Stay tuned to know more updates.

    For Chapter 23 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/05/her-first-day-at-chennai-chapter-23.html


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