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    Thursday, June 25, 2020

    Spotlight of love : CHAPTER - 28

    On call : "Its me Abhi, your senior"..........
    Sanem : Shocked to receive a call at odd time by unexpected person.
    Abhi : "Its been so long. Hope you are doing good"
    Sanem : Yeah!
    Abhi : I am coming in next month to Chennai. Would like to meet you.
    Sanem : How do you know that i am staying in Chennai?
    Abhi : Oh! Come on Sanem, I will keep on knowing your whereabouts.
    Sanem : So, you keep stalking me?
    Abhi : Oh God! You're still blamming me for what has happened in the past.
    Sanem : Thats not something that can be easily forgetten
    Abhi : Oops! let me explain you what actually happened on that day.
    Sanem : Oh!! No, don't tell cock and bull stories now

    Abhi finally convinced her to listen what actually happened and that thing was done by his friend and not by him. Sanem didn't accept what he was telling first but then when Abhi told her to ask his friend too. She belived and regretted for hating him for without his fault. Abhi told he wanted to meet her once when he comes to chennai. Sanem accepted to meet him. 

    After the call with Abhi, she was still thinking of  Why Michael didn't call her back. She was worried and called him again. He didn't pick the call. She was tensed and called him again........
    he picked the call and said hello in sleepy tone, she then understood that he slept early and then she cut the call. 

    Sanem wondered for what if he didn't call back.........

    She wondered why it bothered her
    She wondered why is Michael so much into her mind and thoughts
    She wondered why she cares for him a lot
    She wondered why she didn't utter a single utter against him when he kissed her on forehead
    She wondered why she always wanted Michael to be on her side
    She wondered why this is happening 

    Keeping all her questions a side, she tried sleeping but the questions in her head made her unable to fall asleep. Thinking about him and raising all the questions in her head for one more time, she fell asleep. 

    The next day morning, her mother told her to get ready, as they were going to her mother's friend home for lunch. They reached there and had a good time with her mother's friend. Just before leaving their home, Sanem was stunned and her eyes were wide opened to see Michael photo in the frame which was placed right at the corner of the door wall. Sanem asked her who's in the frame. Her mother friend said that the boy in the frame was her son Michael, pursing his PG in Chennai. Sanem was surprised and at the same time happy for he was known person to her mother too. 

    Sanem went back to home and informed this thing to Michael. Even Michael was so surprised that he ended up saying he was happy for the coincidence.

    Sanem was back to Chennai and her routine life struck with office work as usual. Michael too became busy with Assignments and exams too. Somehow Sanem and Michael managed to meet once in a month irrespective of their busy schedules too. Sanem's bond was becoming more and more stronger with Michael.

    On the other hand, Abhi visited Chennai and called Sanem to meet her and asked her to be at "The Cafe Bar" the next weekend. Sanem told about her meeting with Abhi to Michael. Abhi was at the cafe before the time and was waiting for Sanem's arrival. Sanem was on her way to the cafe with a roller coaster of mixed emotions in her mind to meet the person she once hated the most. Mixed emotions of Sanem why Abhi wanted to meet her after a long time. 

    Abhi eyes were in search of Sanem, then he heard the sound of door open, there goes the person whom he was waiting to see her. Now, its time for his waiting has the worth the time. Sanem greeted Abhi and Abhi too greeted her. There was a silence between them as Abhi was in search of words. Sanem asked why he was in Chennai after a long time. Abhi said he came Chennai with some office work and thought of meeting her at the same time. 

    "You know Sanem, I was waiting for this moment to be happen a long time ago but I waited for the right time to approach you. You thoughts make me happier than I ever thought I could be. And if you let me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way" Abhi said.

    Abhi knows well that Sanem was not a girl who will accept anything that easily. He was waiting for Sanem to respond. Sanem was lost in words after listening to him. She said seriously Abhi, knowing her well and could you even say this. Sanem said that she was not interested and told Abhi not keep hope as it won't workout. Abhi's heartbroken and asked her why it won't workout. Were there any specific reason or were there anyone in her heart? Sanem inspite of saying no that she was not having anyone in her head. She stayed silent. She realised even though Abhi knows that she wont accept but he waited and confessed what he felt. Rather than appreciating him for what he was done. Why she rejectd his proposal. Did she really started treating Michael more than a friend? or Did Sanem was into Michael?

    Sanem started realising how important Michael in her life. Abhi understood her silence and wished her best of luck and left from there with empty heart. Sanem felt happy for Abhi's understanding and thanked him for not dragging her into embrassing situations. 

    Sanem told Michael that Abhi proposed her and denied him. Michael said it's ok, if you don't like him, leave it. If at all anything bothers, will see. 

    Sanem before going to bed.........

    What actually Michael feels for me?
    Do he likes me?
    It may not be the right time to discuss about this thing as he is concentrating on career now..
    What if he likes someone else? No, No he won't, he is dating his career now...

    Sanem put fullstop for all the raised questions in her mind and self explained that to wait for the right time to discuss what she actually feels for him.

    Stay tuned to kow What happens with Sanem and Michael? Do Michael feels the same as Sanem or He just sees her like a friend?

    For Chapter 27: https://www.sanem.in/2020/06/the-cat-is-out-of-box-chapter-27.html   


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