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    Wednesday, June 10, 2020

    Skip of the heart beat : CHAPTER - 26

    Ritu while scrolling the social media, Sanem's friend posted a pic with her Grandmother and wrote a line stating that "Happy to be with her after long vacation".The girl with whom Sanem said going out was with her grandmother's place. Then why lied lied to her? Ritu didn't ask her anything and was quiet, waiting for Sanem to reveal about it. 

    Sanem didn't said anything and told that she had fun with friends and told that she's going to bed as tomorrow going to be her long day at office. 

    The next day, on her way to office she wished Michael "All the best" in whatsapp for his first day at college. Michael responded with Thank you.

    Sanem got busy with her office work. Her Team lead assigned a project to her and gave s deadline to submit in a week. Sanem scheduled time and everything planned to go in order. Everyday before going to bed she used to talk with Michael. Knownigly or unknowningly he became a part of her life. She started sharing everything to him and at the same time he started sharing his everything. Sanem thought he was her best friend for life. Because of her work pressure and project deadlines, she didn't talk to him properly. Sanem couldn't complete her task on time, Team lead warned her and and gave her the last chance to complete the work in 2 days or else he would take the issue to Manager and further actions she would know clearly.

    Sanem degraded herself for the first time, she came to the office with lots of hope ignoring her higher studies and everything infront of her seemed vanishing in no time.

    She felt depressed at the time...
    She felt she's incapable..
    She felt all her dreams shattered...
    She felt depressed...
    She sat in the office caffeteria and was thinking why she was unable to complete the task. She referred many books and built courage in herself to try her best one more time and Sanem was not a girl who gave up so easily. She went back to her desk, overtimed, concentrated more on work, everytime she's getting errors, her incapablity turned arrogant. She wanted to complete the task and prove herself that she's capable. But, her knowledge was not sufficient. She went back home, opened her Laptop and started working again. She googled some references, she referred some more books, she was trying herself hard to complete the work. She was at the end of her tether and at the same time she calmed herself and took a break for a while. She wanted to talk to Michael and share about the issue. She called him and he told that he was with his friends and will call her later.

    Sanem prepared a cup of Tea for herself, she saw the time, it was 8:30pm. She started working on it, and now with peaceful mind, she was trying herself hard and YES she completed the work. She was escatic, the work which the Team lead told to complete in 2 days, she completed in a day. She saw the time, it was 11:00pm. She realised that she didn't had food throughout the day and prepared some food.

    Michael called her and said SORRY that he couldn't talk to her as he was with his newly made freinds. Sanem said that's ok and told what was happened and how the team lead warned to terminate her and how she overcomed that depression in no time and completed the work.

    Michael congratulated for completing the work and told not to get depress next time. He talked for sometime and cut the call as he's sleepy.

    The next day, she submitted the work to the Team lead, inspite of congratulating her he said that Sanem should had done the work before the first deadline. Sanem was disppointed yet self motivated herslef in doing her best.

    Michael asked Sanem to meet in weekened as she seemed disappointed with Team lead behaviour with her. Michael further told Sanem to decide to the place and he will reach there by sharp. Sanem told she booked a table at 12:00pm, Michael said Perfect and told he's going to come to her place and from there, both will go.

    On the day, Sanem called Michael and told that she's ready and she shared her location to him. Michael said OK! He's going to reach soon. It was late by the time and he didn't even reached. Sanem called him again he told he was sturck in traffic and reach by 20mins. Sanem got the message from the resturant that booked table was cancelled as it crossed the limit time. Michael reached her place, he apologized for his delay and because of him the table too cancelled. Sanem was not that active as the Team lead was tauting and always on her back. They decided to check the alternate place. As, Sanem was checking places in her phone, Michael tried his best to bring smile on her face. Sanem smiled hardly.

    They decided near by place and ordered food. Sanem started explaining the whole thing to Michael clearly and said she was afraid that Team lead didn't liked her and always made to fall her in difficult situations. She further added it was her fault that during her training session there was some misunderstanding between her and Team lead and  from that time he was taking revenge on her. Michael understood the situation clearly, he took Sanem hand into his and tried to consolled her. Michael decided to go near by mall. They booked a cab and through out the way Michael tried to make her smile. Whenever Michael hold her hand, Sanem's heart beated fast, she felt some kind of vibes that she never experienced.

    Sanem felt some change in Michael's behaviour, but she thought he doing all these things to make her smile. They went into the mall and roamed for some time. They sat in cafe and ordered something there. They talked for sometime and before leaving,

    Michael : Do not worry for small things and be brave.

    Sanem : OK!!

    Michael : If at all your Team lead still bothers you, just compalint to HR team. Don't be sad for all these things.

    Sanem : OK!!

    Michael : Pulled her close and Hugged her tight. Don't worry am always there for you.

    Sanem : Appalled!!!

    Stay tuned to know what is happening in Sanem's life........

    For chapter 25 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/06/chapter-25.html


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