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    Saturday, June 6, 2020

    Everything has a first time : CHAPTER - 25

    Michael called Sanem and told that he's going to come in coming saturday. So that he could set everything for Monday college routine. He asked her, any plans of outing for that weekened. Sanem said not yet planned. Don't plan anything, meet me, said Michael. Sanem after thinking about a while, agreed to meet him. He asked her about the place and told only lunch possible as he has some timings for his hostel to be back. They decided to meet at middle point for both of them and figuring out with the areas. As, Michael has knowledge about the place over there, he told "Vellacherry" could be perfect for both of them.

    Sanem was bit nervous about that meeting. She realises that was the first time she's going out with a boy and feels a combination of discomfort because it was her first time and pleasure because it was a boy like Michael who was friendly and which she was comfortable to be. Sanem stumbles up on what to wear and finally decided to be in her Jeans and T shirt. Michael calls her and tells that he's starting in 10mins and tells Sanem to start as well.

    As Sanem was waiting for her lift to go down, a neighbour of her wished her asks Where she was going? Vellachery, said Sanem. The neighbour said even she was going that side and asked Sanem to join her and Sanem could drop at Vellacherry. Sanem agreed for accompaning her. The neighour said she will back in 10mins and went inside her tells Sanem to wait in parking area. Sanem was waiting for her neighbour arrival as she's getting late.

    Suddenly her phone rangs, It was Ritu(her mother), asked about her whereabouts and Sanem said that she's going out for a lunch. Sanem thought of telling about Michael a friend her that she's going out. Ritu said that she heard a girl from chennai missing case in News channel and warns Sanem to be alert all the time said to reduce going out witt friends. Listening that Sanem gaveup on informing about Michael and says that lunch with some other friends who's known to Ritu. That was the first time that Sanem lied to her Mom that too meeting a guy. Regretting for that scene, Sanem felt bad. Meanwhile, her neighbour comes with a bike.

    Michael texted her that he reached there. Sanem tells him to wait at any near by showroom or something as it was hot outside.

    Sanem reached at Vellacherry Busstop and calls Michael where he was? Michael said he was in a supermarket opposite to that Busstop. Sanem goes inside and finds Michael there, she reacted normally and behaves as if it was not new to her, there were lot going inside her. Michael said the counter head was watching him continously as he was just enjoying AC without buying anything. Sanem laughs out loud for Michael's gag.

    They both comes out and discuss where to go for lunch, they google what was near to them. There were nothing good they found near by and end up going to Vellacherry Mc. D branch. After the lunch, they spent some time over there. Then after a small conversation goes on. Sanem asked the reason for his sober nature. He said because of his modern culture exposure, he's friendly and bold with everyone. They discuss something about career and some other random stuff. Michael understands well and knows that she was not into much of boys and he feels Sanem understands people much and don't take wrong that easily. Michael decided to share her something about him and stays silent. Sanem asked if something bothering him or what? He said No!! Everything was fine. He couldn't said anything that time and they disperse from there. Michael said ping or text him once she reached home before they were about to disperse.

    Sanem after back to home. Texted him that she reached.

    Michael : Thank you!!!
    Sanem : For?
    Michael : For bearing my non stop talks and for bringing me into your friend circle...
    Sanem : (Smiles)

    Sanem calls to her mother to inform that she was back home. Ritu didn't lift the call. Sanem thought may be she was busy with office work and once she gets free she's going to call back. After 1 hour Sanem calls again, her mother picks the call but sounds different. Sanem asked Why didn't she called her back? Her mother answered that she was bit busy. Sanem knows though her mother was busy with work, she calls and informs her. That time she didn't and even sounds different. Sanem worried that may be her health was not good and asked one more time the reason for her weird behaviour.

    Stay tuned to know Reason behind her mother behaviour?

    For Chapter 24 :https://www.sanem.in/2020/06/how-did-she-find-him-chapter-24.html


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