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    Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    The boy in the train : CHAPTER - 22

    The Ticket Collector cross checked and verified in online, apologized for missing name and alloted a new seat. Sanem checked her alloted seat but couldn't find the one and moved to next compartment, wher she found the number in right corner window seat. She adjusted the luggage and throw herself at window seat. As she was making herself comfortable, her phone rang, it was Riya.

    Riya : Did you get your seat?
    Sanem : Yeah, but had to struggle a bit.
    Riya : Struggle?
    Sanem : Yes, my name was not listed in the board, So I checked with TC and got another seat.
    Riya : Oh! Finally you got your seat. OK then have a safe journey, ping me once you reached.
    Sanem : OK! you too take care and have a safe journey....

    Ending the call, Sanem noticed  a guy, opposite to her seat. He was busy in checking his phone. Sanem was continously staring at him and that disturbed him, he just looked at her, he didn't even cared and continued to peeping into his phone. Sanem was itching to start a conversation. After a 15 numb minutes.......

    Sanem : Hey! I have seen you some where!!!!
    Guy : (Gave a strange look).
    Sanem :Are you from Christ college?
    Guy : Yes, I am
    Sanem : There you go, I have seen you at the fest and have been thinking about it.
    Guy : (Smiled) You too are from christ then but i never saw you.
    Sanem : I am from Life Sciences
    Guy : Cool! I am from Engineering.
    Sanem : Cool! By the way, I am Sanem
    Guy : I am "MICHAEL"
    Michael : Which year in Life Sciences?
    Sanem : Yeah! Haha i said GOOD BYE TO CHRIST.
    Michael : Nice! We both are on same track
    Sanem : (Smiled)....
    Michael : So, What's Next?
    Sanem : Need to figure it out
    Michael : Care to explain?
    Sanem : I got selected for company but was in dilemma to choose placement or go for Masters. How about you? Got any luck at the placement?
    Michael : Yes, i was selected but turned down the offer.
    Sanem : Why? Do you have any other plannings?
    Michael : The package was didn't worth much and was the work was quiet hectic. So planning on Masters.

    Michael was talkative and was continously telling some or the other thing just to kill time, he told about the faculty and the fun he had all those years at college.They became good company to each other in no time, as it was long journey, they had food in the train. As they were talking continously, they didn't even realised how the time flew off, and they already arrived at the destination.

    Sanem was so excited to see her mother. Sanem got a call from Ritu telling that she was waiting for her arrival at the Gate-1. Sanem just rushed from there to see her Mother. She hugged her so tightly and told how she missed her. Both went to home.

    Sanem had a quick shower and her mother brought her a cup of Tea. Sanem "Aww, I missed your TEA so much Maa"....she was enjoying each sip of Tea flavour. Ritu asked her "How was your journey?"

    And then Sanem realised that she didn't even bid a GOOD BYE to him, and she even forgot taking his number, or know nothing about him, except his name.

    She felt regretted............???????????????

    Did Sanem find out Michael's contact details? Is Michael going to be a prime part in Sanem's life?
    Stay tuned for more updates........

    For Chapter 22 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/05/last-day-at-college-chapter-21.html 


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