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    Saturday, May 23, 2020

    Last day at College : CHAPTER 21

    Everyone ooze out of happiness that they were going to complete graduation. There was kind of peaceful bliss that ebbed to preceeding years. 

    It is the matter of fact that Sanem, always wanted to learn things, she wanted to right the wrongs, explore her life to new environment. She remembered the kind of confidence she carried when she first stepped into the college and how she evolved herself into fortress of discpline was built brick by brick. But the start of final year was not up to the mark that brought notable changes in Sanem. She tried enough for academic attendance survival. She know, how she bunked the classes with name of project, and spent most of the time in the lab with fun and work, and paid almost no heed to theory classes. She was on confidence that cracking the final exams with flying colors but her confidence shook down when she actually opened the books a week before exams. Her confidence was beneath the grounds when she started reading and everything was new to her. With each passing chapter, she felt her bones were broken into fragments, the fear of completing syllabus in time and passing the exam was more challenging and topping the class was far away.

    She struggled hard, spent hours in completing the syllabus as she never gaveup so easily. She couldn't had much time for revising the syllabus but somehow she could burnt the midnight oil to toss the syllabus as better as possible. With each passing exam, she was sure, she cannot top the class but can pass the exams. With each breathe, on the last day after exam, she felt that her body bearing the soul was wounded, almost escaping in her conciousness, the impact of college and her fun with friends had whiped away in fabric of time, it was all over, no more seeing the college was something making her die inside. She sat at the entrance of college steps, stayed there suspended, floating in drop of time which glimpsed all the years at once glance and her eyes brimmed with tears of happiness and distress. She couldn't come out of that feeling until her friend Sarvi calling her for a picture.

    Meanwhile, everyone gathered at there to have a group picture of the batch, while some were holding their emotions and others where capturing memories as pictures. Somehow everyone managed to get the picture with beautiful smiles on their face. On the other hand, one of her classmate surprised everyone with white shirts, that white t shirts were filled with quotes and signatures written by fellowmates of the class and for one last time they had a group picture with that shirts.

    There were freinds, there were people who barely know each other, there were even those people who once hated each other but that one last moment in college filled every soul with nostalgia and sense of gratitude. Every one goodbye sensed the "All the best for greater future" and departed with bundles of memories.

    After everyone left the place, Sanem and Aroovi went to meet Professor as a gratitude and support through the years. They said Good bye to Library incharge and other security people too.

    And for one last time GOOD BYE TO COLLEGE...........

    Sanem went back to hostel and shared all the moments with Riya and Maaya and they too shared their nostalgia about leaving the place. They three booked their trains, the next morning at 6:00 am. Everyone packed their lauggage, Sanem sat at the balcony and recalled the places the spent time, the lanes they used to go for walk were seemed empty now. The room that filled with laughter seemed no sound from the next day. Thinking about all the good memories they had and asleep.

    They booked a cab to the station, Riya and Maaya's train was on other platform and Sanem's was on opposite side. So, they bid their GOOD BYE at the entrance and departed.

    There was a huge crowd in the check list. It was hard for Sanem to cross everyone and check her name to get her seat number. She then waited to clear the crowd. After 15-20mins, she went to check her name but to her surprise her name was missing in the list. She cross checked her mobile to verify the platform number. It was correct. She went to Ticket Collector to verify her missing name.

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    For Chapter 20 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/05/did-her-friends-change-her-opinion-on.html 


    1. Reading this recollected all my memories...your doing a great job.keep going

      1. Sounds good that you recollected some memories with my writings....

    2. Glimpsed my college memories at once glance....Very nice story...Keep going...

      1. Nice to listen..........stay tuned for more updates

    3. Connected 😍 waiting for the next chapter

    4. Good one...keeping going..waiting for next one

    5. Good story 👌 waiting for next chapter


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