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    Sunday, May 31, 2020

    Her first day at Chennai : CHAPTER - 23

    Sanem sat in the balcony with a cup of tea while her mother was in kitchen preparing Sanem's favorite Kadai Chicken for dinner. Sanem took her laptop and logged into FACEBOOK, she started typing Michael in search bar followed ny college name too, the result shown were around 33, her eyes were in search of his profile, but she couldn't find him. She tried few more times, but results were failed. Meanwhile, her mother called for dinner. While having dinner, Ritu asked Sanem about her career "What are you thinking about your Next step? Do you want to go for PG or take up the job?". Sanem said, that she was thinking to take up the job for an year as a break and then go for PG as she didn't want to loose the opportunity and asked her mother about the idea. Ritu replied that "Think Twice before you take a Step" and she prayed god always to take her daughter in right direction. Closing the discussion after the good meal they had, they went to sleep. Beforing going to sleep, Sanem checked for Michael but didn't find him.

    The very Next day, while Sanem was waking up, she received a mail regarding her joining date and the location, it stated the joining in next week at chennai. Ritu felt it was a a bit far from their place but it was ok. Sanem was in hurry and both understood that there was not much time left for the day and there were lot of things to arrange. Sanem was really impatient about the new place and new job and was haunting for a desired flat. She got all the things done with the help of her friend who lives in chennai. Her train was booked for 8:00am in the next morning. That moment was one of the unforgettable moments when her mother bid goodbye to her at the Railway Station.

    Sanem sat in her alloted seat, the sound of train reminded Michael in the previous journery. She felt like searching for one more time and took her phone from her pocket. And then Hey! Sanem, she turned to see who's voice was that, it was Aroovi who was travelling to her cousin's weddong in chennai and though Sanem informed them that she was taking up the job offer, she didn't expected that she could meet her. The journey felt so quick in with the conversation between two.They dispersed from there after a warm hug. Sanem took a cab for the place she was going to stay. She met the house owner and settled all the things there with the help of her friend. She unpackaged her luggage and took a quick shower. It was around 8:00pm by the time, she didn't have patience to cook for herself so, she ordered some food. She called Ritu and informed that she reached safely. The alarm was set by 6:00 am and went to sleep. As, it was new place she couldn't sleep properly and woke up before alarm.

    She got ready and packaged the required documents to be submitted in the office and had a quick breakfast(Maggie). She booked a cab to the office, through out the way she was nervous and at the same time excited too. There were certain things going in her head, whether she could compete with others..etc.,The driver told "Madam, this is your stop" her heartbeat raced so fast looking at the entrance, she gave money to the driver and get off from the cab. It was huge place where multiple companies were located, she was confused with the location, so, she went to the security guard and enquired about the block. She followed security guidelines and reached the building 6, 4th floor. She went to the reception and showed her joining letter, the receptionist showed her a room and told to wait there. When she opened the door, there were around 15 people like her. With anxiety and nervousness inside her, she walked into the room and sat in the chair. After couple of minutes, the HR came to them and explained all the company policies/norms and made them to sign in lot of papers and gave them lunch meal vouchers to have in canteen. After the lunch, Sanem had chance to interact with her colleagues, all the day went through the introductory part of the work and told the training start from the next day and would last for 2 months between which no leaves would be granted. By the end of the day, they got their ID cards.

    Sanem was too busy with the training sessions and she barely gets time to chit chat with her old friends. The first week went in and on her week off day, She woke up late and had breakfast, she talked to her mother for hours after which she opened the instagram. She heard the cooker whistle that reminded that reminded her of the train and Michael. She then quickly goes to the search bar and types Michael, the results were many. So, she was anxiously scrolling down and going through all the profiles......

    Stay tuned to know if Sanem finds Michael's profile?

    For chapter 22 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/05/who-is-michael-chapter-22.html


    1. Hope the mysterious Michael uses Instagram. By the way ask Sanem to text me over insta.. @vihari_janakanuri

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