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    Wednesday, May 20, 2020

    Did her friends change her opinion on Marriage : CHAPTER 20

    The Class Incharge told, Results were placed in the notice board. Everyone went to check the result. Aroovi saw the results of everyone and told they all passed the examination and demanded a party from the topper, who was obviously the beauty with brain girl, Sanem.

    Sanem couldn't hold herself back from sharing the news with her mother and the proud Ritu congratulated her dear Daughter.

    The girls felt it was the time for celebration and planned an weekened outing. The decision of celebrattion venue was put on Sanem, the foodie of the group. 

    Sanem called Aroovi and others, told she checked the "Rooftop MI Cafe" with beautiful ambience and with great food. Sanem also told that her roomates Riya and Maaya going to join them and they could be the great company.

    Girls looked at their best for the lunch, they tried continental cuisine for the first time and felt piquant. There goes the girly gossip of the class and Riya and Maaya to mingled with them and involved in the conversation as Sanem used to give the daily updates of college to them. The girly gossip was leveled up when Aditi reminded them all how the days passed so fast that their time for graduation gonna approaching as well as the most awaited marriage episode of their lives too. And there goes the varied talks about marriage, every girl dreamt of their dream boy, one said about her plans of attire on her friend's marriage while the other pinched calling "THAT WAS A CRAZY FEELING", one said atleast she would have time for completing Post Graduation know. While everyone involved in the discussion, they observed silence in Sanem presence, Aroovi questioned Sanem WHAT WAS THE MATTER? Sanem then said she don't have any positive impression on marriage and all she looked at was broken marriages and time pass relationship and then broken hearts. Aditi and Aroovi somehow felt that was the reason behind her distancing with men. And then they observed her change from staying stigmatic to boys to talking to them with an ease which they felt as a positive sign for her to change her opinion and views on life for good. They tried convincing her that it was not like that, and all men aren't the same but the stubborn Sanem didn't listen and sticked to her words. Riya wished someone should come and change her impression on marriage. They ended up with the discussion and left the place with freshly made memories. 

    One fine evening at college, Sanem and other friends were chit chatting on the footpath, Aroovi embarked a ragging move when she saw few juniors waiting for the bus, she then took the help of Punit and Neerupam of their class to Rag.
    Aroovi was very excited and asked one of the junior to say their Bio by ending every sentence with "AM MENTAL"......
    The junior started saying " My name is Siksha am mental"
    "I am from Madhya Pradesh am mental" 
    "I like reading novels am mental" 
    Slowly all her friends joined and involved as they had so much fun. 

    Then Punit asked "You have 5 apples and 7 people" How will you distribute equally?
    Everyone were thinking of the answer.
    A junior replied "Sir, by making juice"
    Punit    "clever".........

    Aditi asked one junior to "Stand in middle of way and say her Bio by looking into the sky"...
    That actually looked really funny.
    Sanem too laughed and enjoying their questions.

    Buses arrived. Seniors reaction was AHHHH, NOOO
    and the juniors thanked the bus driver for the arrival and ran to grab their seats.

    They all really had fun with the juniors.

    Days were going with full of assignments, continous classes, exams and finally ended up with the year.

    This time there were no vacation holidays as internship for minor project work was there.
    Meanwhile, the mother heart made Ritu to visit her daughter twice.

    Things going hand in hand with each passing day and every day marked as new memory.

    Final year diaries were the best for them, Punit, Sanem, Aroovi, Neerupam were the Final Project team members. 
    They had the best days through out the work. Sanem was main back bone for their project work. Major part was completely handled by Sanem and running commentary by Punit and Aroovi stands the fun part during the project time. Though the toughest part of pratical session made easy by their fun gang and successfully submitted the work after so many errors. 

    And the came the most awaited and feared time of final year was the Placement time, due to some consequences with placement management, there was only one company visiting that year. Everyone lost hopes and even Sanem confidence was shook by the hard news and prayered for her career.
    To her surprise, Sanem was the one selected for that company. That was not only the surprise news for Sanem but also to everyone.

    The Professor called Sanem to congratulate. He stated that he never saw a student like her, there were people who are completely book worms but not a girl who's super active, talkitive and always surrounded by friends along being topper all the time. Sanem "Thanked" Him for being the most supportive and encourageous to her.

    Sanem shared this news with her mother, though Ritu congratualted and was super happy, she wanted Sanem to go for higher education. Sanem said Let's have discussion on that after her final exams.
    Stay tuned Does Sanem go for the placement or go with her Mother opinion??
    Does Sanem's impression on men's change or Anyone special going to come in her life?

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    For chapter 19 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/05/a-day-in-hostel-full-of-drama-chapter-19.html 


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