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    Saturday, April 4, 2020

    How Ritu dreams get shattered : CHAPTER 7

    He tried his level best in coping up with Ritu and was unable to forget her. So, he again started addicted to alcohol and the result of over depression made him an animal with her. He then left her, his parents were very disappointed with his behavior and admitted him for further treatment. They were pity for Ritu but they can't reveal the truth as it was already too late. Again he didn't even felt like being at the hospital and attempt an suicide. So, his parents took back to their house before the treatment completed only. They were helpless and had no words to answer for Ritu's call. His parents consoled him in many ways asked why he was bothering of something else when he knows that not gonna happen and neglecting something beautiful in front of him i.e., Ritu and Sanem. Finally, their efforts came to an end and he agreed for left over treatment. That the main fact that when Ritu visited the home they were left for his treatment and his parents decided to contact her after the treatment completes. So, when they decided to tell her everything, Ankit said that he wanted to reveal everything and no need for anyone's involvement and that is the reason he was in front of her.

    Ritu became speechless for a while, she had no words to say for him. As she didn't expect this at all. Ankit further added that he was so sorry for whatever happened and he wanted to try his level best to mingle with him. Ritu understood his intentions and wanted to give him a chance. She also added even she could help him to get out of his depression and wanted him with them happily-ever-after.

    Ankit felt so happy for Ritu's understanding and said Ritu "Thank you so much for understanding" and hugged her tightly. That hug made Ritu felt like everything was going to be OK soon. That hug made her so comfortable. That hug gave her hope for a happy future ahead.
    She was so happy inside as all her unanswered questions got happy answers. Being in Ankit's arms was the happiest place for her. As unholding slowly each other from them, Ankit held her face with his arms and kissed her on the forehead.

    Thank you so much Ritu for understanding, said and left to his room.

    Ritu's heart overwhelmed by his action. She stood awhile in the balcony after Ankit left and was blushing inside her.
    Looking at the stars she only wished the happiness to her family soon.
    She went to sleep, lying on the bed she recalled how Ankit kissed on her forehead and dreamt of their happy family of ANKIT, RITU, SANEM.

    The next day as everything seemed to be going well, Ankit though he tried to get close to Sanem, the little kid hesitated to go to him and afraid if he's around her. Ritu observed Ankit felt bad for this, she then told it's ok Ankit soon Sanem will be his side as Sanem was a little kid she needs some time to mingle with him.
    Ankit nodded his head as intension of HOPE SOON.

    In the evening while they were having some coffee, Ritu put her hand in his hand said everything soon gonna ok no need of worrying about that. Ritu found some discomfort in his eyes. She then asked what's the matter Ankit, were there anything still bothering him? or if he was still not happy with their future plans?
    Then Ankit said No, nothing... he was ok.
    It just that he was thinking just to get rid of the past soon. Listening to this Ritu rests her head on Ankit's shoulder and felt happy for that.

    The next day morning. By the time Ritu woke up.. she didn't found Ankit in the house. She searched everywhere but there was no sign of Ankit. She called him but was not reachable. She felt tensed and saw a letter on the table.

    "Dear Ritu,
    I am sorry that I have caused a lot of pain to you all these and my return again gave you hope for our future, a wife like you is a god's gift for a person like me.. But, I can't accept this gift because my love for my past lover who died is still the same and will never die.. I can't live with feelings for her in my heart and I can never get adjusted with you. Moreover, my treatment didn't go well and the doctors asked me to come again which now may last for an intensive period this time.

    Please don't keep hopes on me. Even after my treatment I won't come back.
    You cannot live hurting yourself...

    Take care of Sanem and i know you can be the best mother and am really sorry for Sanem that I am being the worst father.

    With love,

    And then Ritu eyes couldn't see the letters any more..
    Drops of tears started falling on the letter...

    She cried out heart out....
    She cried like she lost everything..
    She cried how her dreams and life got shattered so badly...

    Sanem wakes up for her cry and shouts. Sanem started crying... Ritu then took Sanem from Sharadha's arm and cried a lot by putting Sanem head on her chest and said sorry for Sanem being with no father.

    As, the days were by, she tried to leave without Ankit.
    She was then baffled by the Ankit's cousin Whatsapp Status.......................

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    For CHAPTER 6 : https://www.sanem.in/2020/04/what-ankit-explained-ritu-about-his.html


    1. Very intresting story 👌 Eagerly waiting for next chapter

    2. It's was interesting story.waiting for next chapter 👏👏👍

    3. How someone could leave even after seeing his lil daughter tho 🙄😏 stupid ankit . Poor girls 😢 .
      Waiting for the next chapter.....

      1. Will be upadted soon. Kindly share with your friends...

    4. Nice, very interesting story��

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    6. If ankit is not ready to start a new life with Ritu ..then why he came and left her again.... Such a sad lady... Waiting for the next chapter ....

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