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    Monday, March 23, 2020

    Welcoming New Life - CHAPTER 2

    Ritu’s bond with her husband is worsening day by day.

    Arguments, Fights, no pleasant timings between them.

    Ritu's heart started feeling lonely. There is nothing left in her life that excites her.

     Ritu felt loneliness she made herself busy with day to day works and puts a lot of office burdens. He sits at home doing nothing and in return tortures her for money to drink and enjoy his life.
    Ritu fed up with all this, to her lonely life she found nothing to be happy but as it was said miracles do come..

    One day she started feeling ill and giddiness. She visited the doctor and came to know that she was pregnant. She felt happy but deep inside there a fear of how Ankit respond to this news.
    Thinking about this she went back home, sat on the sofa, staring at the main door for Ankit's arrival. After an hour, Ankit arrived, Ritu adjusting her voice said Ankit i want to talk to you.
    Ankit hesitantly - said what is there to talk about and he seems to be least interested in listening to her.

    Somehow Ritu put a lot of courage and said that she was pregnant. Listening to this Ankit didn’t even respond and went back to his room.

    The next day morning Ankit said to abort. Ritu was shocked by listening to this and deprived. After lots of arguments and fights, Ankit is not ready to accept the child. Ritu silently moved from his presence and started thinking no matter what I can’t abort this kid as this the only thing that god gifted me to my loneliness.

    Ritu went through lots of struggles, Ankit started torturing her for no reason. Without even having concern about his wife nor he didn’t even see her as at least pregnant women. He used to beat her and torturing in all possible ways.

    Ritu bore every single pain and didn’t even speak against as she was waiting for the day that someday she can see changed Ankit. She was trying her level best in changing him into a better person. Her efforts always proved worthless.

    She entered into 9 months. As they used to stay in other state Ritu didn’t get a chance to go to her maternal home and decided to call her mother to stay with her for some days as she was about to deliver. She called her mother and said to come to her in the next 2 days. The next day, she sensed the labor pains and there was no one with her at home. She tried calling Ankit but he didn’t respond.

    She took her neighbor's help and went to the hospital. She was blessed with a baby girl. Ritu thought maybe seeing her daughter Ankit may change. But, there is no chance it just the same him before and started becoming too worse. His arrogancy increased with Ritu. He started beating her hurting her in many ways.

    She thought whatever happening with me that should not repeat with my daughter. She decided to part from him. But she once thought about her daughter that in this society a single woman cannot raise her daughter alone.


    1. What is wrong with ankit there is a solution for every problem

      Really waiting for next chapter

      1. Thank you for your interest. We will update you soon

    2. Poor Ritu....hope she stops to tolerate and fights back.

      1. Do check next chapter and kindly share with your friends too


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