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    Sunday, March 22, 2020

    Dream of Every Women.!!! CHAPTER 1

    Ritu is a girl like any other girl who lives the next door to you, simple and charming.Just like all other girls do, she has great dreams and greater plans for her future.She lived with those beautiful dreams all her childhood and the time came when she was appointed as a junior program manager in a reputed firm, one of her dreams being accomplished.. 

    Then came the time for her marriage.. Every girl in this world tend to be controlled by someone. By her father before marriage, and by husband after marriage.Fortunately Ritu has great parents and a loving father.She grew up thinking of that man who would conquer his world and make her his queen. 

    And one day, when she was on  second sip of her hot coffee in a rainy evening at her balcony, she got a call from her mother. Her mother talked of her well being and asked if she had realised that it's the time for any girl to get married. Ritu, was however blushed with pink of the marriage topic. Her mother then told that there's a match for her brought up by their family friends and they wanted to know if she is ready for the next biggest step of her life, MARRIAGE!! 

    Ritu accepted their parents' marriage proposal just like the way she accepted everything that they said since her childhood. Her mother happily informed her that the to be bride's family would be appearing to look at her coming Sunday. 

    The next day she applied for a leave at her office telling that she is getting married . When she was back home, that night her boss called up and told that her leave was granted and congratulated for the marriage proposal.
    That congratulations made Ritu think of her future as a wife, as a daughter in law, above all... AS A MOTHER..! 

    The day has come when she saw him, Ankit at thier house.. She blushed with happiness the moment she saw him, the life partner for the rest of her life.Both the sides were happy about the wedding and things went by quickly that the marriage was setup in a span of 10 days........
    Sanem Chapter-I (Wedding)

    Ritu's life changed so quickly that she now has a new person in her life, new house, new place, moreover A NEW LIFE waiting for her.
    Everything was seemed to be  well till that day when Ankit came home late at night after getting drunk like a skunk. He was not in his senses and fell asleep on the couch in the drawing room the moment he arrived the house..
    Ritu felt it a way too different that a person she actually lives with is drunk like hell. A chill ran through her spine thinking of the state Ankit was in. But she immediately felt that there was nothing to worry about it and it is actually a part of the techie culture.
    The next morning she asked Ankit not to drink so much and told that she was worried about his health. Then came the biggest shock she didn't expect for. 

    Ankit raged with anger saying that it is HIS OWN LIFE and she has nothing to do with it!!!. 

    She felt her legs weak and immediately went to the kitchen with eyes filled with tears. 

    She worried the whole day about Ankit's condition and finally thought that it is the responsibility of the wife to take care of her husband. She then prepared dinner at night and filled the dishes with Ankit's favourite cuisine. She was waiting with lit eyes thinking how Ankit would feel looking at the food. 

    Then came Ankit, much more liquored up than the previous day that he literally fell at the door and fell asleep. Ritu was dumbstruck for that situation and quietly managed him to the bedroom. That night she sensed her dreams for life and life partner getting shattered and tears flooded her eyes the whole night.. 

    She realised the next day that she has more reasons to cry and worry about when she found out that Ankit had quit his job long back. 

    She called up Ankit to come home immediately and Ankit ended up at the home much late than the previous days.. She questioned him about quitting the job and asked what the hell was going on at the house with heavy heart.

    Why you are doing all this? RITU questioned...
    How dare you to question me?

    Ankit slapped on her face for questioning him.

    Ritu shredded into tears. She thought her life would go easily in marriage but as it said that life can never be the same as we see it always and it can never go the way we think. Maybe this is called LIFE.

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    1. Replies
      1. Will be updating very soon with next episode ..keep in touch

    2. Kudoos...looking forward for more chapters

    3. This is a nice story. Every one has one hard movement in life that a person will change.
      Life partner ga to understand and help other person to change.
      This will help him/her to have a Hapy life and great future for both of them��

      1. Importance of a girl in boys life is always noticed when boy looses her...

        Will be updating second episode very soon..stay connected.

    4. Keep going, looking forward for next

    5. The story is very good.looking forward to the next part.

    6. It's very interesting. Looking forward to next episode.....

      1. Kindly check the next episode posted in the blog..

    7. Congratulations Dear....continue to fly high with your wings of imagination.
      The story has an interesting begining.

      1. Thank you! Do check the next chapters and let me know.


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