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    Monday, March 30, 2020

    Did Sanem saved ? : CHAPTER 5

    It was quite a terrible situation for Ritu's family members to digest the fact about sanem condition.

    Sanem memories once flashed infront of Ritu..

    "Her charming face
    Her beautiful eyes
    Her innocent yet adoring smile just contagious to others....."

    Ritu afraid "Weather all this might vanish in her own hands...."
    May be she won't be able to see her beautiful face one more time....

    Her misty eyes said how painfull she was inside.

    It was even difficult for ritu mother to control her.
    Everyone were eargerly waiting for doctor. After several hours of wait the doctor came from the ward and everyone were waiting what doctor said.

    After hearing the words from doctor, everyone just take a breathe of relief and ritu was so thankful for doctor for he said sanem was ok and shifts to general ward in 2 hours.
    Ritu and their family went to see sanem and ritu heart felt breathing as she saw sanem.

    She decided what ever happens in her life that should not affect sanem life and decided to take extra care on her.

    After the discharge, ritu started taking extra care for sanem. Ritu parents left their home town too.
    After some days, while ritu was cooking in the kitchen, sanem was playing with sharadha, everything seems to be going well in their life and ritu was happy looking after sanem and captured everything that related with her little princess.

    The bell rang! ritu told sharadha to open the door, sharadha was shocked to see the person on the door.
    Ritu asked sharadha who was that on the door?
    Sharadha didn't responded.
    Ritu again shouted who was at the door sharadha?
    Sharadha didn't responded agian.

    After a while, a voice called Ritu..Ritu...

    "The voice that was very familiar for her..
    The voice she was left alone...
    The voice she searched for long.....
    The voice that she waned to heared from so long..."

    Is the voice that she heard was him?
    She left the spoon in her hand and rushed to the door... She didn't believed her eyes, the person who became a mystery was now infront her.

    She was blanked, seeing ankit the pain she had gone through just flooded as tears.
    Her tears were just the symbol how much she missed him....

    She hugged him tightly
    She hugged him tightly
    She hugged him so tight that he should not go anywhere
    Her way of hug showed how much he mean to her 
    Her hug showed how much she missed him
    Her hug said don't even dare to leave them again......

    Ritu took out a word from her mouth "Where were you all these days"?
    Ankit kept silent.
    Ritu asked him again "Where were you ankit"?

    As ankit started saying ............

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    For Chapter 4  : https://www.sanem.in/2020/03/ritu-regret-for-not-taking-proper-care.html 


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    2. Ufff this suspense🙄 waiting for the next

      1. Will soon get updated. Kindly share with your friends

    3. Thats pure love when we miss the loved ones...great going...i think there would be a big drama...!!

      Instead of going.. For treatment.. There is some wrong i think ....lets hope for next story...and see what happening there. .!!!!!

      1. Thanks for your valuable words. Will soon update the next chapter soon.

    4. Intresting, waiting for next chapter

    5. Intersting can't wait for nxt plz make it soon

    6. Can't wait Nd interesting story

    7. Replies
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    8. You may be a beginner in writing.. But your attempt of making motherhood and the mind of a woman reaching the reader's heart went very well. .hope you continue with the same aura in your lines.. God bless

      1. Thanks for recognizing me! My interest towards writing made me to write this story. Hope you will connect with the next chapters too.Do share with your views in coming chapters too.

    9. This is very interesting, can't wait for the next chapter

    10. Eagerly waiting for the next chapter.... Hopefully in the next chapter she will get her beautiful life...without any painful suspension

    11. Waiting for the next chapter


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